My Favorites this Season of Anime so far. . .

Fate/Zero – While the first episode was a bit lukewarm, the second episode was fiery hot. I find myself rewatching this many times in its span of two episodes.

Chihayafuru – BLOWN AWAY. Literally.

Ben-To – It delivered as expected. I can’t wait on how funnier it will get.

Mirai Nikki – Wakamoto ex Machina.

Ika-Musume and Bakuman sequel – While I love how Ika-chan is still as funny as ever, I find it annoying that Bakuman is becoming better. But still kudos to these two.


I think its safe to say this season is pretty much a disappointment. I guess I over-hyped it a little too much. Fate/Zero has TV-wow quality but I expected it to look like KnK which it didn’t. Guilty Crown didn’t wow me as much as I thought. Kimi to Boku failed terribly and Majikoi was just good in episode 1. Horizon in the whatever is too confusing. Well there’s still a lot to like so I’m not TOO disappointed. I really want my Spring 2011 back where everything was just awesome.

*I’ll wait til Guilty Crown’s second episode, need to watch UN-GO too.


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