Saimoe 2011 – War between the Puella Magis and the Resistance

A war has been settled between two competing factions. One is the overpowering Puella Magis, and the other is the Resistance which is composed of many aces from many series (lack of another dominant faction is key). Here’s the breakdown of these two factions.

Puella Magis:

Kaname Madoka: Super-spectacular Prelim win record, an average of 60%+ beatdown from Round 1 to 3

Akemi Homura: Spectacular vote totals on prelims, defeated by the Resistance via Mikoto Misaka.

Sayaka Miki: One of the highest vote totals in the tourney. Defeated Charlotte Dunois of IS, a stronghold member of the Resistance.

Tomoe Mami: Top Seed of the tourney. Vote totals plus Percentage would = Dominance. Recently got a win of 69-70% in Round 3 (Top 5 all time)

Kyouko Sakura: Performed a spectacular Round 2 beatdown with 68% (Top 10 all time).

Now for the resistance which consists of many aces of many different series. They have banded together for the goal of beating the Puella Magis, a feat only done by Sui Shijima and Mikoto Misaka.


Mikoto Misaka: 600+ vote totals in two of her rounds. Beated one of Puella Magis, Homura Akemi.

Kanade Tachibana: 500+ vote total on R!, owner of Block B since the beginning.

Elsie: High vote percentage total, the only character who even has a chance of beating Madoka.

Ika-Musume: Invading since Round 1. A 71% win in Round 3 says a lot.

Charlotte Dunois: Defeated by Miki Sayaka.

Kuroneko: Her matches causes a rise in vote totals. Has yet to be challenged seriously (Even in Round 1 by Sherlock).



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