My Fall Blogging Schedule

Well I finally decided on a schedule to follow now that I’ve seen Guilty Crown.

Monday: Fate/Zero

Tuesday: Ben-to

Wednesday: Chihayafuru

Friday/Saturday: Mawaru Penguindrum

Pop-uppers: Guilty Crown, BLEACH

Mondays mean Fate/Zero to me. So far, its the anime I’ve replayed a bit too much this season and its only been two episodes. Tuesdays are for Ben-to because I’get really hungry those days. Wednesday is for Chihayafuru and for anyone’s information this so far has the best showing this season; probably my favorite. Fridays/Saturdays are for more penguins as always (though I don’t think I’ll blog it today). I thought about adding Guilty Crown too but that’s just too much work and my schedule is surprisingly comfortable so I don’t wanna ruin that. But I’ll definitely pop a few posts of GC if there’s an awesome episode. Oh yeah, Bleach suddenly started caring about production quality so I’m definitely up for a few posts (I don’t think Bleach is the best anime EVAR but with episodes like this week’s or the one before, its very tempting to say its one of my favorite anime though I do know I’ll be bit in the back pretty much soon since they might be blowing budgets for this.)

What I’m not going to blog:

Persona 4: Hell no.

Bakuman 2: Just because its good now doesn’t mean its gonna be good later.

Ika Musume 2: I was kinda tempted to blog this but it coincides with Chihayafuru so. . .

HUNTER X HUNTER: I’m enjoying this but I don’t wanna blog it.

I don’t have many friends: Might turn into something I’ll hate so PASS.

Mirai Nikki: I loved the first episode but it coincides with Fate/Zero and Ben-to so no.

Others: No more time.


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