Biribiri fans = cheaters

There has been some rumors that some Chinese dude has been multi-voting on Mikoto Misaka since Round 1. This explains the relatively- way too high vote count of hers. The same Chinese dude claims to have helped Saten in the previous year-hence her reaching Quarter Finals.

Multi-voting causes a lot of ruckus in J-Saimoe. In fact Nagi of HnG only managed to reach the finals because of multi-voting through buying lots of phones; something that wasn’t banned until after her match with Koromo in which it was discovered.

This is kinda sad news for me. To find out that my TOP character to win it all has way too many eager fans who have been cheating around. It has caused many sacrifices such as Victorique and Homura, who also are my favorites too. I just don’t know anymore.

Looking at the match today is even more depressing with Kanade barely keeping up to a Strike Witch.


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