Thoughts on Mawaru Penguindrum

Again its another show that I haven’t been able to watch in 720p as much as I want; its kind of a shame since everything that’s happening as of late in Penguindrum is just so damn awesome.

Character Status:

Masako: She’s not really evil; she’s just dumb. I kinda like her motivations the best out of all the diary seekers, since she just wants to cure Mario. Sure she’s a creepy stalker, but an awesome one at that.

Yuri: Seeing the latest episode (17), she hasn’t gone down the hole as a certain someone. I’m very creeped out though that she tried to rape Ringo, moreso that she might be a transversite (though very unlikely). Her anger to the Takakuras is somehow justified but she’s not the one I’m worried about. . . Her epic confrontations with Masako though is just awesome.

Tabuki: I knew it; I FUCKING KNEW IT! He’s the scary one. You kinda suspected that he was hiding something since he is the closest one to Momoka, but the fact that he’s so composed to what’s happening as of late is just bordering on creepy. I definitely got it correct when he revealed in this episode that he plans on ending Himari.

Ringo: The first half of the show made us feel that she’s the craziest character, but the lesser role she has as of late really toned her down. It also helps that she’s in love with Shouma, which I find really cute. “I’m Shouma’s stalker now” DÁWWWW.

Shouma: Its safe to say he’s the most normal character in the series. No weird gambits, no hidden desires; he really just wants to protect Himari. I got a bit pissed at him when he started going all emo at Ringo but he did repent at it.

Kanba: We still don’t know much about Kanba until now. What the show tells us is that he loves Himari “the incest way” and he’s part of those masked men who will change the world. He also has a past with Masako and not just someone being stalked, and with what the OP indicates, his path is different with Shouma’s and Himari.

Himari: She’s our naive main character, but her penguin hat ver. makes you think twice on what Himari really is. In what I can infer, her sickness is her being the sheep chosen by the curse of which their dad paid for doing terrorism. The hat on the other hand has some sort of relationship with Dr. Sanetoshi and Momoka. I do love that she’s very foul-mouthed.

Dr. Sanetoshi: He’s the variable of the series. What he wants will probably solve a lot of questions in Penguindrum. What is revealed so far is that he wants to change the world, from the screwed-up now, to a better tomorrow. Also its somewhat inferred that he loves Momoka.

Momoka: Another variable in the story, its revealed that she uses the diary to switch fates. We know what she did with Yuri’s, but what we don’t know is what she did with the terrorism. Did she disappear so that there would be less damage on the terrorism or did she fail?

So I think that’s basically everyone. I am so intrigued with this show, that its probably of legendary status as of now. I just can’t wait on what happens every week!


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