Thoughts so far on Fate/Zero

I’m really sad I can’t blog this as of late (fucking internet’s forcing me to watch it on stream) but I must say I’m loving every bit of Fate/Zero.

Sure the series could use a bit of creativity in its exposition and make some scenes awkward since people are just standing for minutes, but that’s the only the downside. The series tells a really engaging story with the 4th Holy Grail War. It really curb-stomps its parent-story in almost every single aspect- even its characters.

I think the juice of the series comes from the cast of very different characters and dynamics. We have Saber who’s very noble, Gilgamesh who has an ego the size of his swords, and Rider who’s just really flambouyant. It also helps that these servants all complement to their Masters; especially Rider and Waver who I just can’t help but love.

Don’t even get me started with the production values, which is just a cinematic experience. The screen gets a bit too dark sometimes but you can really see the detail put in this. Even in-between shots look amazing. Yuki Kajiura’s music is as epic as ever though isn’t as memorable but overall, Fate/Zero has a production any anime would wish for.

So yeah, kinda my two cents for Fate/Zero right now. I just wish my internet comes back so I can watch this in 720p again.


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