What the hell happened to Saimoe

For most Saimoe fans, I think its safe to say that Saimoe’s dead this year. Low vote totals were already a pinning mark, only Mami’s match with Ika bested the Homubiri match which was the FIRST match in the tournament. But low vote totals aren’t my problem anymore, its the PMMM domination.

I don’t have any qualms about Puella Magi Madoka Magica winning the tournament; in fact if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, I’m quite the rabid fanboy. But I think there’s something wrong already when all 4 of the main cast is in the Quarter Finals, 3 in Semi Finals and now 2 on the finals. Sure its okay for me to see Mami or Kyouko win the tournament, but goddammit Saimoe, I wanted variety.

Variety is like 2010 where there are 8 characters from 7 series. Sure Koromo and Nodoka won their QFs making a 2 for 4 in Semis, but there was still enough room for variety. Room for different characters to have their chances. This year we saw Kuroneko, who’s probably the best hope of the resistance, get beat down by Kyouko, who’s arguably the least strongest character. Ika tried her luck but also got Tiro Finale’d by Mami. Erica and Lotte are QF trolls and Erica got curbstomped by Kyouko losing all hope of an interesting finale.

The only thing Saimoe really has for me right now are interesting memes. I’d actually clap if the final managed to reach 1000 votes.


2 thoughts on “What the hell happened to Saimoe

  1. I’m pretty disgusted by the madoka clan dominance, tbh. I realize it’s a popularity contest but still, moe shouldn’t be super wide-faced character designs.

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