Thoughts on Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru is probably my favorite Fall anime. It helps that I’m a shoujo-fanboy but Chihayafuru still stands out in the fray of shoujo series.

The game of Karuta is addicting to watch since the premise is simple: Find the card that the announcer is saying. Sure its kinda nerdy that you get excited when Chihaya or Arata fwomps the card away, but its not just that. The tension built up really excites you – kinda like Saki.

The characters of Chihayafuru are a  real treat too. Chihaya acts her mind out, Taichi calculates his moves, and Arata is softspoken; its a very good balance. Plus its just addicting watching how they become friends and all. The older versions have a little bit of angst but I think the author made sure that they’re still likable and the mood isn’t too serious.

Well I guess that’s my two cents in what Chihayafuru has to offer so far. I’m very excited on how their gonna build the team and what happens with Arata.


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