SaiMadoka Finals – Top Head!

Mami prevails in the third intra-series match of Madoka Magica, this time versus Kyouko Sakura. Fakes abound, making people think Mami is trailing but the first-hour madness was the deciding factor. Welcome to the hall of fame MAMI TOMOE.

Post-Season Thoughts:

After contemplating on what really went down this year, I think the proper answer to the ruckus went on is not that Madoka Magica was too strong, its just that it didn’t have a rival faction. Ore no Imouto and Infinite Stratos were a tad weaker, K-On disappeared after Round 1, Denpa Onna after Round 2, Raildex was too old to fight, Steins;Gate had way too many heartbreaks, and Strike Witches just sneaked in whenever they can. There was no Hayate Vs. Saki or Lucky Star Vs. CLANNAD, or Rozen Maiden Vs. Nanoha, Puella Magi Magi Madoka Magica was all alone this year.

Block A:

I think its pretty clear this Block was a disaster. Most of the characters who have a chance at beating Madoka Magica were here with Homura Akemi, but the alleged cheating ruined it all. I had already set in mind that Mikoto would win this block after having to sacrifice Homura and Victorique but IP banning got stricter and her voters failed to show up when needed. The right side had two Steins;Gate heartbreaks after some Amagami cleaning which left Lotte to win the entire thing but she eventually lost in the QFs to Erica Hartmann after not gaining the 400+ votes that she should’ve got. Too much ploys in this block ruined it all.

Block B:

Most people called this block decided in the Kande-Mugi tussle, but Saimoe fate has its ways. Uprisings from Amagami’s Tsukasa, Strike Witches’ Erica Hartmann and Steins;Gate Amane Suzuha made things a bit worrying. The eventual winner was Erica Hartmann, and it seems that Kanade was also cheating her way through with how her votes disappeared in the final.

Block C:

the most uneventful Block of all, it made Madoka really rusty with all the low vote totals in it and how unchallenged she is causing her defeat to Tomoe Mami in the Semi-finals.

Block D:

It may seem that this Block is also boring, save for some Squid Girl awesomeness, but this one has its VERY LOW vote total tussles which was somehow entertaining. Yuno made it to Top 16 again and she’s now in the Saimoe Hall of Fame for the Top 10 most wins.

Block E:

Its safe to say this was the most exciting Block this year. Here came the demise of K-On!, the rise of TWGOK, the heated matches of Akari-Uiharu and Char-Erio, and the eventual thwomph of Miki Sayaka to everyone in this block.

Block F:



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