I really am back.

After quite a long hiatus (2 weeks :0), I’m back, as fresh as ever. Saimoe-suckfest is done so I only have to do Chihayafuru, Fate/Zero and Penguindrum posts (Not blogging the delicious Ben-to though I also really like that one.)

Some things to note this season:

Its nowhere near as good as Spring.

I learned to never anticipate too much (Persona 4 and Guilty Crown were suckfests)

Josei/Shoujo is the most consistent genre for me (Sports Anime are second so just how awesome is Chihayafuru)

Shows should all be produced like Fate/Zero (Still as movie-quality as ever; rate of standing people doing nothing drastically lessened so I don’t have any more problems now).

David Production should do more shows.

Will Mirai Nikki be the next Death Note (Its REALLY good so far).

Mawaru Penguindrum is AWESOME (I daresay even better than Utena).

i miss Hanairo;AoEx Mondays. That slot always jump-starts my week.

I miss Steins;Gate.

I miss Nichijou.

Madoka Magica has a fucking trilogy movie epoch.

I hope Nisemonogatari is as awesome as my number 1 show all-time.

I hope Kizumonogatari is as awesome as my number 1 show all-time.



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