No(i)t-aminazing anymore

Everyone who pays attention to the anime industry knows of the Noitamina programming block. Its main purpose is to produce shows which are obscure, or different from the norm. Stuff like Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Shiki, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Wandering Son, Anohana were produced because of this. As of late though, the block has become quite stale; surprising since this year is supposedly one of the best years for animation since 2007.  Let’s take a look at the shows in the programming block that somehow failed to gain, at least in my opinion, interest.

Fractale/Fractal: I’ll keep repeating this as much as I can and I will repeat it now. Fractal sucks. People overestimated Yamakan’s directional ability, and when he failed to deliver, it was like dipping sourness into. . . more sourness. There were some parts of Fractale that I actually like, and I was sorta getting used to it towards the middle, but it really just burst the bubble of terribleness once it finished. Terrible CGI, insulting characterization, uninteresting plot completely covered the somehow passable scriptwriting and a hope to change the industry.

[C]: While I do think C is an enjoyable show, its definitely lacking. I could care less about the characters nor the drama nor the action and the plot (in the starting parts) and this really hurt the series potential. This also damages the what could have been an imaginative setting, awesome OST and an artistic drive.

No.6: What started out as something that strived to be different, ended with a dungbomb and made it probably the most forgettable anime Noitamina has offered. Oh sure I liked it and even gave it a decent grade, but in the long run, I think its the memory that matters and right now I don’t even remember what happened in the middle part of No.6. Except for the gay kiss which I doubt anyone who watched this will forget.

Now that’s already half of what aired from Winter to Summer. This season, which looked like it had so much win. . . was so much fail. Guilty Crown is guiltily generic and Un-Go is just so unmotivated. That’s kinda sad, especially for Guilty Crown which had so much hyped. Things don’t look good next year too as Black Rock Shooter will air in winter with Guilty Crown.


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