TeniPuri The Sequel – 01

Ryouma Echizen: Chibi-c00l CAT- Cap fetish- bishounen on the house!

I’m pretty sure Prince of Tennis is one of my favorite anime all time, and the sequel here brings out much of the same to why its so good:

1. The obnoxiousness of Middle Schoolers looking older than me (and prettier).

2. How they throwaway all kinds of realism with their competitions and unique serves (hell Nadal and Federer would probably love to pay to have one of those moves.)

3. Just how everything is c00l catz is all. Everyone’s trying to outbrag each other is one of the funniest shit I have ever seen.

It may sound like a terrible series if you put it that way, but it really isn’t. I mean if you’re just going for mindless entertainment, this completely fits the bill. There’s no denying that it is unbelievably fun watching it, though if you are looking for substance: look far far away from this one.

PS. It looks like they threw away the girls for good.


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