Anime Oscars I (Year End Review)

Best Male Character: Okabe Rintarou (won the award after swearing to a street vendor)

Best Female Charcter: Homura Akemi (won the award after admitting she’s lesbian to Madoka-sama)

Best Villain: Kyuubey (won the award after eating himself)

Most disappointing Anime: BLOOD-C (won the award when the “main cast” formally introduced themselves. I felt like CLAMP spat on me.)

Anime to exceed expectations: Nichijou (won the award after making me laugh for 26 weeks)

Top 20:

20. To Aru Majutsu no Index II: (Shit first half/godly second half.)

19. Denpa Onna to Sishun Otoko: (Emotional Uplift)

18. Kamisama Dolls: (Everyone is a touch insane)

17. Ben-to: (Made me hungry)

16. Ao no Exorcist: (those anime original episodes bogged it down a bit)

15. Horou Musuko: (Gender Sensitivity Award of the year)

14. Level E: (First three episodes had me cracking NONSTOP)

13. Dantalian no Shoka: (Really nice episodic series.)


11. UN-GO: (Wittiest mysteries I’ve ever seen.)

10. Hanasaku Iroha: (When its good, its amazing. When its bad, lol.)

9. Fate/Zero: (Damn you cliffhanger. Now I have to wait 4 months for the next episode.)

8. Usagi Drop: (Sweetest family-oriented anime I’ve ever seen. Made me want to become a dad.)

7. Moshidora: (Still have goosebumps remembering that certain scene in Episode 9 *gambare*)

6. Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season: (Development wasn’t slower as a snail this time around.)

5. Mawaru Penguindrum: (Symbolisms galore.)

4. Anohana: (Menma ;____;)

3. ¬†Nichijou: (The most ballsiest and mundane comedy series I’ve ever watched)

2. Steins;Gate: (VN adaptation done right. Best cast of characters, best story, great plot twist, a unique take on time travelling. . . it really is quite the anime.)

1. Madoka Magica: (Far far ahead as my no. 1. Let’s just say that the Deconstruction of the Mahou Shoujo genre ultimately triumph.)


2011 was one of the better years for anime. 2-cour is back, so are original adaptations. Let’s just hope something even comes close to Nisemonogatari this year (even Madoka is nowhere close to the likes of Bakemonogatari) so I can call it a great year too.




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