Nisemonogatari – 01


That was quite a start for the sequel of my most favorite anime of all time. I loved it when Araragi mentioned how Hitagi was having way too much fun with the situation that she might explode. Senjougahara Fascination is on full swing again!

Another segment on this episode was on Tsukihi just lazing about in her kimono (with SHAFT style fat sexiness ifyouknowwhatimean) being totally bitchy. Still, its nice to have more time with the sisters now (since they barely appeared in Bake).

Hachikuji’s scene on the other hand was pure glory. Same antics; double the fun. Araragi really is a pervert. I liked the sentimental part in the end though where Araragi really was worried that she might disappear again.

I do have to criticize though how everything feels a bit disjointed. Besides the Gahara part (which was set the day after), the only thing that happened this episode was Araragi going outside. Though it only shows how much of a masterpiece the dialogue feels (you never really felt how little Araragi did this episode). Though I’m sure everything will make sense in the end since well. . . the stories in Monogatari always do that.

Also I just noticed how Karen’s yellow outfit really reminds me of a bee. Well the title of the arc IS bee and Senjougahara did hint about it in her scene so . . . I really can’t wait on what’s in store with this sequel.



2 thoughts on “Nisemonogatari – 01

  1. i loved Bakemonogatari and am expecting great things from Nizemonogatari.

    i agree that this episode feels disjointed but maybe things will be explained in the next few episodes, that or i have to watch Bakemono again.

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