Winter Season Anime

There’s not much meat in this season’s Anime selection but there’s enough to be satisfied with. So with that here’s my season impressions to the ones that I’ll probably continue watching. . .


Teni Puri II

Prince of Tennis comes back with a bang. . .  well not really since its probably the exact same thing since the last time I’ve watched it. . . but since it IS the exact same thing (age stopped mattering in Teni Puri for a long time) you can still get that feeling of “FFF-YEAH” with Echizen and crew’s swag. Prince of Tennis is in my Top 30 anime of all time (I still wonder why) and while this sequel won’t probably follow suit at all, it’s still a nice watch.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

“It’s so bad, it’s good!”. That’s what I got in Symphogear’s premier episode. Everything about it seems like a rip-off of Macross and the story is terribad . . . but you can’t just stop watching. It’s entertaining at the very least.

Area no Kishi

GIANT KILLING was a really good anime and this new soccer animu seems to follow suit. There’s some real angst within the characters and while some parts are utterly cliché, there’s just something in me that expects that this adaptation of the long-running manga will give us something nice.


The first episode fucking starts with a 6-minute Senjougahra Fascination scene and it just screams “I’M BACK BITCHES”. In all honesty, the first episode WASN’T perfect but it did bring me back to why I love Bakemonogatari so much. It still had the best premier than anything that aired this winter.

Mouretsu Pirates

Only in anime will you ever see high school girls as pirates. Unlike Symphogear, Mouretsu Pirates actually has a unique storyline and a solid script. I’m quite excited to meet the massive cast this series has (as the OP suggests) and the fact that it’s 26 episodes makes me think of the potential it can give.

Aquarion EVOL

I’ve never watched Aquarion before, but the premier of this sequel is so LOL that I now want to watch the original badly. Apparently this takes place 12,000 years after the first Aquarion, so maybe I don’t need much knowledge. What got me LOL’ing though is the gattai scenes. Throughout the two-episode premier, it seemed that the male character is getting a boner talking to the chick he met at the movies but now do I only realize that it meant that he wanted to do “gattai” with her. I just kept laughing when Aquarion was built. Everyone was making orgasmic sounds. It also has really good music, especially the scene where they used “FLYING LOVE ATTACK”.

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Cliche as hell premise, but the execution is perfect that I’m strangely excited for this series. It’s from the director of Honey & Clover II, Toradora, Railgun, and the most recent Anohana (all in which it comfortably in my top 30), so I expect something special in this series (or just at least tug my heartstrings). The writer is from the Onegai series and everyone is mentioning how this is just Onegai Classmate so I need to watch Teacher and Twins immediately to see how exactly the same both are.


The second best premier this season, Another just hits all the right notes in what makes a suspense/thriller/horror anime good. They already got the feeling down of everyone hiding something from the main character in this premier (something BLOOD-C failed to do even after it ended), and I’m just curious on what exactly happened 26 years ago with Misaki Mei dying and her appearing now. Also it seems as if there is a curse running around with everyone having a condition.

Also, Sa-ka-ki-ba-ra kun.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

I seriously laughed my guts off this episode. Fuck you Kimi to Boku, this is how anime about high school boys should be done. Everything about it seems to be mocking anime clichés, especially the last part with how deep words usually have no meaning at all. All I have to say is that this is sheer genius comedy; it might be even better than Nichijou!

Inu X Boku SS

MARLEY AND ME THE ANIME- nah just kidding. I really don’t know what to make of this anime. It seems like a bunch of ideas mixed together. The main character is Alice from Memouchou while her servant is a stalker Bishie (new fetish). It feels like this series is a slice of life when it could be some other genre. It’s still a good premier though but I’m not completely sold.


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