Area no Kishi – 02

So two birds in one stone?

Terrible pun/comment aside, I think everyone knows where Are no Kishi is going now. Just when you thought Kakeru might have had an injury or something, the only reason he was scared to use his left was that he was so strong he bent another player’s knees with a ball.

Wether you didn’t read the manga or not, you definitely know WHO’S gonna die *spoiler alerts are for fags*. The thing with plots like these though, it needs to be executed properly. Area no Kishi’s execution is sorta awkward and poor, but it does better than anything I’ve read so far in the manga so. . . fingers crossed that you’ll bawl your eyes out next episode.

Also, I guess this is the bro-version of Cross Game. . . but Cross Game did it WAY better imho. Still too early to tell.


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