Nisemonogatari – 02

Reverse-Hachikuji GET

Besides the fact that Kanbaru got caught in the act of being more of a fujoshi than a lesbian and that Nadeko was trying to be more sexy for Araragi, this episode was more of all-talk again. Again it does feel a bit disjointed but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Plus the plot hasn’t started yet and these two episodes might just have served as an introduction of sorts. Anyway the plot seems to be revolving around the Fire Sisters trying to prove that the supernatural happenings in school aren’t real though I’m quite curious why Araragi calls them fakers. Well the title of the show is “NISEMONO”-gatari.

Or . . . that I didn’t see Gahara-sama.

Karen OP has really lush animation and the theme of bees really pops out.

ED was good but Kimi Shiranai Monogatari will never be beaten.


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