Another – 02


I think it’s safe to say that Another is the best new/not a sequel series this season. It has the right atmosphere and the BGM (something that can make or break suspense horror thrillers) just amplifies it further. If I did have a complaint though, it would be that those doll transition shots are totally not needed.

The first half of this episode was a bit weak but it certainly got a lot more creepy as it went.

1) When Sakakibara went into the library when he saw Mei, why didn’t the guys he was talking with follow suit (it was as if they were avoiding it- assuming they don’t see Misaki).

2) Why is it so important to know if Sakakibara never lived in the area or not?

3) What are they hiding from Sakakibara and why?

4) What’s the importance of those dolls (now that Sakakibara finally went to the store)?

5) What’s in Misaki’s left eye?


One thought on “Another – 02

  1. I have all of these same questions from this episode (especially #2). I also agree that this is one of the best anime shows of this season! It’s quite wonderful, but I may be biased in saying that because I love the horror genre. I hope this show progresses even more and all the mysteries of it get anwered.

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