Kimi no Iru Machi – A Town Where You Rage

So I decided to tackle this very controversial manga and I HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY ABOUT IT.

Kimi no Iru Machi started out as a well executed romance manga. It uses ton of cliches and has unneeded fanservice yet things always sorta balance out. In just a few chapters, the series has already manage to establish a very hard love triangle between Yuzuki, Kirishima and Nanami. Kirishima pretty much stated in the beginning that he liked Nanami but obviously, the newly moved in housemate Yuzuki would heat things up. Yuzuki then confessed to Kirishima, who in turn confessed to Nanami. Things were really hitting off well between Kirishima and Nanami until Nanami finally realized that Kirishima placed Yuzuki’s need on top of his feelings for Nanami. This in turn finally made Kirishima confess to Yuzuki.

A classic manga love story right? This ran for 50+ chapters, making you go haywire on what’s going to happen on their relationship. While it was obvious that Yuzuki was the more important character of the two female leads, I couldn’t help but root for Nanami. But I don’t (didn’t) hate Yuzuki so I was also well off with her being with Kirishima. There wasn’t enough rage or noise which kept me wondering why this series was so controversial, enough for most people calling it “A Town Where You Rage”.

Alas, things started going haywire. Yuzuki turned Kirishima down and only 6 months later when she was going back to Tokyo did she agree on a long-distance relationship. Eventually ( after a long class trip to Tokyo) did Kirishima realize that hings weren’t going well. Yuzuki stopped texting him and all he got was a letter stating that she has a boyfriend already. And you know what happens next. . .


Kirishima now started living and studying in Tokyo. He became friends with softball tomboy Asuka and Motorbiker Kazama. Shit got serious when Kirishima realizes that Yuzuki’s boyfriend is well. . . none other than Kazama. T oadd insult to injury, Kazama has a sickness and will die in a year.

Having hope that he might still survive, Kazama takes on a life-or death surgery. Undortunately for him, he died. Also then did Yuzuki finally decide to cut everything off with Kirishima.

Heartless or not, I was already feeling a sense of draggingness to this show. . . until Asuka becomes Kirishima’s girlfriend. I really thought things hitted off well here. He finally found someone faithful. he finally found someone who understands him perfectly. Heck he went to a love hotel and Asuka still forgave him. Also things felt a lot more natural with her and Kirishima. I was so happy of the turn of events in the manga which made me feel that, not everything has to go according to plan. It doesn’t have to end with Yuzuki and Kirishima together. I felt the daringness of the writer. . .

until. . .

What the hell was I thinking? This manga loves cliches and will never stray away from it. I knew that eventually Kirishima and Asuka would split. I knew that Eba will never be forgotten. but-but-but why do I feel so heartbroken?

Oh wait I have a lot of reasons why. Asuka was turned down in the worst way possible. Kirishima never got the ultimate “you will never get away with this”. I don’t think his friends getting angry at him was enough. SRSLY!

Now Kirishima and Yuzuki just feels hollow. Even with awesome characters like Shiori and Rin still around, it’s not enough to salvage this series. their continuing freely with the story, even adding a new girl to the mix ( which I am totally not liking). It feels so unnatural; so forced; so repetitive. I’m sick of this crap.

There’s no denying though that reading this is a rollercoaster of emotions. It has plenty of heartwarming scenes followed by many RAGEQUITS. Besides the new chapters (or practically anything after Yuzuki and Kirishima got together), Kimi no Iru Machi was consistently entertaining. It has its characters down to the needle and you get a plot that would make you whirl with it(again all this praise comes before THAT INCIDENT).

It’s a GREAT read. It never felt like a dating dame (umm hello Good Ending), and it always displayed genuine character emotions and interactions.

Well that’s it for now.

6 thoughts on “Kimi no Iru Machi – A Town Where You Rage

  1. dude i was so pissed i wanted asuka then she just shows up and he drops his balls and becomes a whipped bitch again arrrrrrrrrrrrgh it makes me mad that he hooks up with yuzuki again

  2. This started off great and like many other series had it’s up and downs along the way. But the final straw for me was when Haruto dumped Asuka for Yuzuki, and this just when Haruto and Asuka were going to (most likely) move their relationship to the next level on their trip. Love is never logical they say (in fact they say it’s a hurricane), but I just can’t see how anyone would logically take Yuzuki over Asuka. It made me drop this manga and I’m not kidding.

    Just for fun I actually read a few of the latest chapters, and it’s all just repetitive boring crap with apparently yet another new girl that will/has fallen for Haruto but doesn’t know that he’s already taken. That and seeing from what I’ve read online this has apparently been going on for the past 100 chapters or so. It has no story anymore, it’s just dragging along in an attempt to survive and pull in more money.

    Suzuka was a hundred times better than A Town Where You Rage.

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