Onegai Senpai – 02


Rather than talking about how exactly alike this series is to Onegai Teacher, I would like to point out another series which has the same vibe.


It has that perfect balance of romance and comedy, it plays off each other yet at the same time also never loses sight of it. Toradora started this way too, if anyone remembers. It was pretty hilarious yet pretty serious too when it comes to its romance. This episode was a bit like that with the main cast going to his house for the video meeting. They all eventually got drunk (thanks to Lemon) and that taste of juiciness in the last tidbits of this show just perfectly ends the episode. Whatever Kaito was about to say and Ichika stopping it was really intriguing. There’s also some sort off love triangle between the other characters ( with the except of Lemon of course) so Ano Natsu de Matteru. . . BRING IT!


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