Back from my monthly hibernation

Well there’s a lot of reason’s why I always have hiatuses:

1) Real life constraints. Its hard to keep up with blogging every now and then. Even blogging Nisemonogatari and Ano Natsu de Matteru came to a close.

2) Damn you wordpress! Every time I try to create a post, wordpress shits on me. Well not today I guess!


3) Because I’ve been busy watching old anime because I’m a hipster. My recommended list is sort of inaccurate as of late so expect a big change soon.

Oh yeah my monthly roundups. . . I’ll get to that as soon as I catch up on things. For now my favorites is really more of the same. Nisemonogatari being bold, Chihayafuru becoming more awesome as it comes to a close, and Ano Natsu finally breaking its shell of characters being insufferably nice to each and get a full dose of that love triangles we’ve wanted to see for a long time.

Guilty Crown’s fucking broken beyond repair so I dropped it, Nymphogear’s also dropped, haven’t catch up with Mouretsu Prates and Mirai Nikii (though those series are the types to be marathoned) and i’m still patiently watching the 1980’s classic Touch (from Mitsuru Adachi, the author of Cross Game (its fucking 100 episodes!)) so things will still feel relatively slow around here.

Oh yeah after Touch I’m planning to watch Monster and Maison Ikkoku (a relatively old series done by the author who did both Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.)


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