KONY and Now and Then, Here and There – The brutal realism you wished never existed

disclaimer: This is less of a “KONY is evil” post and more of a “NTHT is a really good anime” kind of thing. Also you need to have watched a bit of Now and then, Here and there. Well I doubt much of the blogosphere have watched it and it is decades old, so my audience is quite low.

Please do watch Now and Then, Here and There. It’s easy to download it if you find hard enough (ohshit the cops will get me). I really think NTHT is one of the anime you need to watch before you die.


Ever heard of an anime called “Now and Then, Here and There”? Produced in the very late 90’s, its definitely one of a kind anime. But why is it so? Because even after 10 Billion’s worth of time, this piece will still be relevant.

Just look at KONY and the Ugandan Army. I’m not exactly big on the details but the depiction of children killing other people and hurting many others is the information we get, but in NTHT we get to see the sight of this kids. More likely than not, this kids will never get back home. In NTHT, Hamdo (apparently the Hamdo in Fractal was modeled by him) promises these kids that they can go back to their hometowns when the war is over. The thing is, he blew up their villages right exactly after he’s able to get children recruits. Now let’s go to the side of the children. As they grow up, we can get someone like Nabuca who instilled in his mind that he can go home if he does his job. We also get someone like Tabool who instilled reality in his mind and just wants to do his job efficiently and reach higher ranks. The question is “why don’t these people try to escape?”. Besides the fact that they’ll get killed if they do, staying in the army is much better than going outside. Here the children can actually survive and some might even have better living conditions that back in their village.

Another question would be “why don’t these kids see that what they’re doing is terribly wrong?”. Well the main character is Shu and he was the one who asked this question. Then again who is Shu? Some asian boy from 10 Billion years past. He’s an outsider. These kids don’t actually see the problem. Shu is like us internet folks who go “STOP KONY, MAKE HIM FAMOUS!” and the like. We do know the problem but we do not know these kids problems.

(Oh yeah I only talked about the soldiers’ case. Don’t get me started on Sara because all I have there is despair and cries of “SOMEONE HELP THIS WOMAN” while watching NTHT. And guess what? Her plight is also happening in the Ugandan army!)

All I can say is that the world is cruel. NTHT is a brutal reminder of that.


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