From MAL:

Masuda Hiromichi, the former President of Madhouse Studios, gave a lecture at Tokyo International Anime Fair. His remarks in the lecture have aroused criticisms from anime directors and animators on Twitter. Here are the two remarks of his in question:

If you want to work in the anime industry, just jump in a studio without wondering. Even if you don’t have skills, you can decide your future plan after entering the anime industry.

The true profession of the animator is key animation. In-between animation is just a training, which you are not supposed to be paid for.


face-FUCKING-PALM. I’m not just pissed because I’m an anime fan, but I’ve actually experienced doing in-between animation in an animation studio.


Lesson on In-Between Animation:

In-between Animation is filling the gap between two key frames. Let’s say you animate a punch. Key-animators will draw a before punching, probably somewhere in the middle, then the punch itself. In-betweeners have to fill the gap and ensure full fluidity.

In my experience, this is the toughest job to do! It’s a very uptight job and requires lots of details. I’d understand why you get paid lower (since in the hierarchy of things, in-between animation is at the lowest) since you only need to draw. There’s no need for individual input- oh wait YOU DO NEED YOUR OWN INPUT INTO THINGS SINCE HOW WOULD YOU DRAW IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!


Great animation studios today like Kyoto Animation and PA Works would never survive without in-betweeners. It’s really rude, not only to the underpaid Japanese animators, BUT TO EVERY ANIMATORS WHO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF DRAWING THOUSANDS OF PICTURES A DAY.

This is really rich coming from an Ex-director of Madhouse. He himself should know the importance of every element in animation.

I’m not even gonna go to the fact that he said that you don’t need skills in entering the industry- MY GOD KILL THIS GUY. BUUUUUUUUUUUURN HIM WITH FIRE- sorry rage post.


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