Mysterious Girlfriend X – 01

I remember the last time I saw this much drool in an anime, it was Kara no Kyoukai. Some monster started drooling all over Shiki’s body and I was like “EWWW seriously?”. Imagine seeing it again, this time in some weird twisted, yet surprisingly straightforward romantic comedy.

And it’s really weird saying that out of all the First episodes I’ve seen this season, this one is one of the best. The directing is top notch. I mean I read the first chapter and I knew what was going to be presented, but seeing the drool in full animated glory is a different experience altogether. Not to mention the rest of the episode. The character designs look very retro. The animation gives it a sort of Polished 90’s look. Those dream sequences look really gorgeous.

It’s weird since when you look at the staff, this is supposed to be a recipe for disaster. Hoods is the studio in charge and in case you don’t know them, they did Queen’s Blade and Seikon no Qwaser. The director only did a bunch of Doraemon movies. I am really surprised.

It’s not just Mysterious Girlfriend X who is shockingly good. There’s Sankarea, Medaka Box, Tasogare Amnesia. . . I pegged these series very wrong. All of these adaptations turned out surprisingly better than expected. Mysterious Girl X stands above them all of course since it is the one that got me to actually make a post.

If I were to choose the three best premieres this season so far, it would be this, Space Brothers and Fate/Zero 2 (though it technically is just Episode 14). This season turned out to be surprisingly better than expected. And the ones I really am excited for haven’t even aired yet (Apollon, Hyouka).

PS. Urabe’s VA, Yoshiani Ayako, is soooooooooo mysterious. She’s a newbie but her voice fit Urabe so much, in a . . . mysterious way.


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