The stupidity of some Sankarea viewers. . .

“Oh my gosh, Rea’s father is totally an arse.”

“I know right? I can’t believe there are people who do that.”

“That’s child pornography right there.”

“But hey let’s go make full-length shots of that part of the episode.”

“I know right, Rea’s totally hot. Zombie-Saten FTW.”

“But aren’t we doing just the same thing as what Rea’s father does?”

“Who cares! We’re not freaks!”

“I know right we just want to WANK OFF Rea’s pictures!”

“We’re totally not freaks! It’s her father!”

“We’re not adhering to child pornography, we just wanna see full-length shots of HOT ZOMBIE SATEN!”

“Totally! We’re not freaks! Here father is an arse. But we’ll wank off to those full-length naked shots of Rea her father bothered to take.”


19 thoughts on “The stupidity of some Sankarea viewers. . .

  1. Holy Jesus on a pogo stick*, the best thing I have read this month. Not that it is so unusual though. 😀

    * – (c) Commie

  2. Wait, how old is Rea again? Are you suggesting that I need to delete my 200+ Rea picture collection!? MADNESS!

    In all honesty, yeah, I guess people can be a bit silly. 😛

  3. I feel like I’m missing something here… I mean, there’s a pretty clear cut line between fiction and reality, right? Like, there’s no parallel between what someone does to someone in his real world and what someone does to someone who’s fictional in his world.

    • Yeah but there are themes presented in fiction that reflect heavily on reality and the fact that some viewers don’t realize this (especially the ones in Sankarea) is what’s infuriating.

      Or maybe you’re just justifying the 200+ collection of naked Rea pictures you have. Since its just fiction and you can totally just hump her in your mind.

      Kidding on the second line but you do have a point. Still not everyone has the mental capacity to write what you just wrote and would just write “HEY HOT ZOMBIE SATEN”

  4. Technically, they do have a point, don’t they?

    There’s nothing evil about nakedness, paintings or photos of naked people or arousal caused by those. Not even age matters much here, as it’s been scientifically proven that healthy adults react sexually to children. The moral and social blockades should just be ingrained deep enough in adults to prevent them from letting this kind of arousal surface to the consciousness level, not to mention acting on such impulses.

    The evil comes in when people are being hurt, and all or nearly all child pornography involves or leads to children getting hurt. After all, 99% of cases it involves abuse of trust, just like the situation in Sanka Rea.

    I would think that what those viewers lack is delicacy more so than intelligence. Discussing tragedy requires a certain level of self-control and awareness of which thoughts can be stated aloud and which should be kept private.

    • I think the point I was making is that there’s no awareness and which constitutes to the lack of intelligence some people have. Nudity is not bad by all means, but realizing the topic at hand should always come first.

      Anyway I always put lack of delicacy and stupidity together. It’s not always true but from what I always see, it seems to be the case.

  5. I honestly don’t get the point you’re trying to make… anime is telling a story through animation, would you think the same thing if you read a book which detailed the exact same thing happening? Since they’re both doing the same thing, just using different ways to tell the story.

    Either way I thought the scenes in Sankarea weren’t exactly distasteful, since it made it pretty clear that Rea didn’t enjoy it and was used more in away to create sympathy for her rather than being animated for fap material. That and honestly if someone wanted to wank over Rea they’d find hentai of her, not scenes with convenient censoring in them. Seriously I didn’t even get a semi or think about fapping while watching Sankarea, and I doubt anyone else did unless they’re an overly horny teenage boy.

    • The scene itself isn’t distateful. It’s some viewers who by dear god made full length screenshots of that scene for god knows what reason. I firmly believe that there’s a proper screenshot to fap with and what to not fap with.

      You’d be surprised how many people find that scene “erotica”.

      And just to clear things out (which I think I already did), I like Sankarea a lot. It’s some viewers who I don’t like (and I did write some).

      • What exactly is your problem? You don’t make an argument besides “You guys find a fictional characters disgusting for taking naked pics of his daughter, but you’re fapping to those same pics which makes you just the same as him!”

        You are able to tell the difference between fiction and reality, right?

  6. But that’s the only argument I tackled. Yes there’s a difference between fiction and reality but the point is that certain people don’t even take this into account and really just wank off to anything that’s naked.

    I’m not saying, “Rea is an abuse child how dare you defile her”, its that specific scene in that specific episode which had the context of “I can’t believe her father is like that!” in which certain people mixed with “its naked so time to fap” while still keeping the first context. I don’t know with you but I find hypocrisy there (whether one is within the bounds of fiction and one is within the bounds of reality).

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