Advertising myself just a little bit

She could be the mascot for this blog, though she isn’t the traveler on revenge.

Well since I do care a little bit on how many people actually like my blog, I decided to advertise myself a bit. Do vote for me in the Aniblog Tourney if you have time and you like my blog. There’s not much to say about my blog besides “what you see is what you get” (hence all the words are written in the front page with no “continue reading”). I don’t pander to my readers nor will I ever do. My blog’s very masturbatory and I admit to it. This is like my ‘Dear Anime Diary’ or what have you. I guess that might be the very reason my blog isn’t as popular as it could be (or it could be my shitty writing, unchecked grammar, or one to two sentence post).

So vote for me tomorrow! ( or today if you’re reading this tomorrow) it starts at GMT 20:00

On another not so anime hand, I am participating in the Summer Komikon 2012. So for the Filipino readers out there, do remember to buy the first issue of ‘Chernila Comics’ which will be sold there. Also spread the word to other people about Komikon, the Komiks industry needs as much advertising as it can get. The website for Komikon is at the bottom of my right sidebar.


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