Uncurrency Anime – Monster, Moyashimon, Inu X Boku SS

Stupid internet connection made my 9GB Fate/Zero BD edition download for days. . .


I’m speechless to how good this was. Monster is an anime adaptation based on the manga by the germanophile Naoki Urusawa. Generally all of Urusawa’s works are held in high regard, but it seems that Monster is her best work so I handily downloaded all 74 episodes and see how awesome it actually is.

The murder mystery starts when Dr. Tenma revives a 10 year old patient named Johan. That was a terrible idea because it came to bite him a few years later when he is accused of a series of murder events. Tenma becomes a runaway, exploring Germany and finding Johan to kill him.

Monster is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood set in Germany. The awesome part of Monster is that different plot points are set and culminated to create grand plots (I really loved the whole Vampire Millionaire arc) and different characters Tenma met would eventually meet each other and make other plot points. It’s like there’s a plot here, then there’s another plot in which you don’t know what the relevance is and then it builds up and you go “OH SHIT THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME”.

The best character is the show is undeniably Johan. Like how the story suggests it, you have no fucking idea what he’s thinking. One moment he kills middle-aged couples then the next moment he’s this tinker bell everyone is mesmerized with. Kinda like Edward Cullen except its fake. There was even a part where he became a TRAP.

Actually Tenma might just be the Traveler on Revenge (or Johan or Nina).

Monster continues the streak of awesome Uncurrency Anime titles.

Execution: 39/40

Engagement: 29/30

Characters: 18/20

Production Values: 8/10

Overall: 94/100


Oh my god those Microbes are fucking cute!

Moyashimon is about a guy named Tadayasu who enters Farming College to learn more about these cute microbes he always sees. It must feel weird being friends with him, because he randomly talks in the air, going “OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO DISGUSTING” and gives you that “ugh stop being so stupid/gross/echii” anime expression just because there’s dangerous kawaii bacteria in your room that you can’t even see.

Moyashimon is educational . . . though you can’t use this in school. When your teacher asks you “Hey what bacteria is this and what does it do”, then you go draw a blob with two small eyes and a smile and you say “he does kawaii stuff”, your teacher might fucking slap you!

There are good characters in these series and there are heavily bland ones (that blondie who I don’t know what the hell is her use in the plot) but really, the main attraction is the cute bacteria. And it’s funny at times. Plus it’s a college animu, so we have to like it!

No really, Moyashimon is good. Cute, funny, entertaining . . . you can’t go wrong with this one.

Execution: 36/40

Engagement: 26/30

Characters: 17/20

Production Values: 8/10

Overall: 87/100

Inu X Boku SS

It started off rather terribly. One dimensional characters, grand setting only to never be used, plot with no focus (or rather don’t know what to focus with) and awkward dual service . . . The dual service stayed but it did improved quite a bit towards its run.

Ririchiyo’s insecurities started off as an awkward cop out of what a tsundere is but once the series really started tackling that part of herself, Ririchiyo became a bit more of an actual character. I’d say the same thing to the butler, though that’s mostly because of that one episode towards the end which was really good.

In the end I really just misinterpreted its premise. It never really planned to use its grand horror setting, it just wanted to focus on a select few characters and develop them bit by bit. The plot became internal conflicts which is a good thing. The last few episodes were amazing in retrospect to the entire series.

I got a good vibe walking off this series even with the major problem it has so I’m prepared to give it quite a good score.

Execution: 34/40

Engagement: 26/30

Characters: 17/20

Production Values: 8/10

Overall:  85/100


4 thoughts on “Uncurrency Anime – Monster, Moyashimon, Inu X Boku SS

  1. Monster truly is something else. It doesn’t quite “feel” like an anime, mostly because of the international setting, the different culture and the seinen plot. But man, 74 was far too long. Cutting off the fat and skimming it to 60 would’ve been better. Plus, some of those sub-plots coming together to form a grand sub-climax…felt anti-climatic. Still gets a 8/10 from me.

    And I wouldn’t love the series half as much if it didn’t open with the glorious “Grain”. Hot damn that shit got my blood pumpin.

    • But then it wouldn’t be as good if it wasn’t long, or at least that’s how I feel. Also whether Monster had a climactic, or anti-climactic ending, its the amazing writing that really shines. How the hell did you manage to weave those fucking threads Urusawa?

      I honestly like the second ending theme with the old lady singing (if she was an old lady). It adds that complicated “is this supposed to be heartwarming or slightly creepy”. Probably both.

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