Otaking shares thoughts on illegal copying

From ANN

First of all Otaking, fuck you.

Secondly, not everybody actually has it easy when it comes to buying anime products. I live in a place where the only anime merchandise you’ll find are fake ones, so am I considered a rank lower if I didn’t fucking buy Bluray Boxsets worth I don’t even want to know because I would have to go all the way and order and if I did I wouldn’t be able to understand shit since there’s no subs? Is it bad that I’m poor?

So if I apparently don’t buy copies of your wonderful anime then I would be compared to a train groper? Yes I know your from Gainax and I fucking love Gainax, but I wouldn’t even know what Gainax is or what their shows are if I wasn’t that person you’d compare to a train groper. Oh but who cares since you don’t get profit! But then I don’t have money so that must mean I’m just some poor train groper who don’t deserve those Japan cartoons. Poor people who don’t have resources to buy unsubbed $500 Bluray Boxes like me should never even be considered as anime fans!

Oh yeah I’m sorry my region isn’t allowed to watch those streams. I guess my whole country should be compared to train gropers.

No Otaking, fans aren’t limited to Nippon and Americaw. Anime is more popularthan that.

(I do realize that if I was in his position, I’d be furious too that I’m stealing what they make but hey. . . I’m not a fucking train groper.)


9 thoughts on “Otaking shares thoughts on illegal copying

  1. You know, you can buy authentic anime merchandise here as well. I tortured myself just to get enough money to buy some of my most wanted figures. Great Toys Online is stationed in the Philippines, and there’s also Wasabi Toys. I mostly get my stuff from Festival Mall in Alabang’s GTO branch.

    But yeah, this Otaking guy lacks enough knowledge to speak for the entire anime fandom. He’s pretty bad at analogy too.

    • Yeah, but I meant was you can’t really get stuff so easily here in the Philippines. Oh wait, theres GTO IN FESTIVAL? Still I’m poor though and I’m still saving money to buy those Madoka BDs which will probably never happen.

      • You need to go to the second floor. Go through the alley where The Body Shop is located and turn left at the end of the hall. GTO shares the same stall with Star Sports Korea.

  2. I am also too poor to buy anime. There were times when I almost bought anime. I actually spent a full day (note: A FULL FUCKING DAY) driving places in and around my town to try and find some anime to buy. Was I successful? Hell no. There’s not a store in my state that sells anime. Still haven’t seen Sword of a Stranger. FUCK.

  3. People tend to forget that quite a few anime are marketed to a demographic that’s young enough to not have disposable income, yet old enough to be living on their own. And that sometimes the costs to import anime is itself something that can’t be afforded easily.

    Some people have a lot of income to spend, and show their support by buying a lot. Others can barely scrounge up enough to import one figurine, and yet they’re risking their financial stability more for their hobby that way.

    And let’s not forget that sometimes, people just like to bitch about their immediate peers, and forget that the Internet isn’t limited just to their peers.

    • It would be nice if Otaking actually pointed out that if you’re rich enough, have the ability to actually buy merchandise and is a train groper and you still don’t buy products, then you’re an asshole. But he attacked everyone, so I’m included. . . so fuck him even though he’s awesome.

  4. “Okada replied at length, starting by saying, “Honestly, if that’s all it takes to make you happy, then that’s fine,” but encouraging fans to buy when they have the financial means to.”

    I understand if you don’t know Japanese, but with an English blog, I do hope you know some English… The guy states for you to “buy stuff within your ability.” You can’t get more leeway than this – “if you;re poor, I understand,” he says.

    The groper comparison comes later and is addressed at people who declare they will never buy anything regardless of their financial ability to. Please read the synopsis again. I find it disgraceful to criticize somebody with little to no comprehension of what they are actually saying…

    • Well there’s you’re answer eh. Everyone who doesn’t buy DVDs and BDs and are pirates and gropers “regardless of financial ability”. Nah I understood the entire article but I highly doubt anyone here would agree to whatever Otaking said there. . . especially if you’re an aniblogger who uses screencaps.

      The main frustration to everything really is my inability to buy anything.

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