Best place to thrive in – AS Forums, MAL, or ANN?

I’d say if you’ve been an anime fan long enough, soon you’ll start wandering of different places to see opinion of other people who watch anime. The anime fandom welcomes you with the three biggest places, Anime Suki Forums, My Anime List, and Anime News Network (sure there’s others but I’d like to stick to these three to make a point). Which is the safest place to thrive in?


Anime News Network

Anyone can be easily drawn to this site, especially us gaijin. But goddamnit, do not wander off more than the news! Do not participate in the forums. This is not a good place to thrive in as a fan. YOU WILL BECOME PRETENTIOUS. A lot of people in this site are incredible pretentious hypocrites. They hypnotize you with what an anime fan should be. FANSUBS ARE EVIL! Pay off your own anime merchandise! We are the best because we are willing to wait for years for this certain 12 episode anime to come in. Then the hypocrisy comes in and you realize they themselves need fansubs. Not all anime are licenced. They hate fansubs yet they depend on it. I read once in the forums that there’s this Moderator that tried to defend not using fansubs. He said that just because they use it doesn’t mean they like using it. Stop, STOP!

More warning: Oldfags who still think Akira and Macross are the best anime ever and anime today are shit thrive there too.

ANN is good for news though . . . I go there daily to see announcements.


My Anime List

MAL is a bit bearable than ANN when it comes to commenters but god oh GOD they’re fucking stupid. At least in ANN people have brain cells, but most commenters in MAL do not. Or at least they delete it when they start typing on their keyboard. When Little Busters was announced to be animated by JC Staff, everyone in MAL was OUTRAGED! I think there was one poster who went out and broadcasted that he/she (probably a she) will make an online petition for this monstrosity to be deleted! Yet when you keep reading deep in the forum, you realize that not many people even know what the hell JC Staff is, or what a production studio is. They just didn’t hear their masters KyoAni (who some of them don’t even know what this is besides “they’re fucking awesome) so they’re outraged. They’re just outraged. That’s it.

Well at least they’re not hypocrites, its just that the lack of brain cells is a bit disturbing. If you want to thrive here then its okay but make sure you have a brain! There are still decent people there. Plus you get to create your Anime List so you can keep track of your animus (notice the OUTRAGED FANS’ MAL and you’ll laugh like hell).


Anime Suki Forums

I’d recommend this best though you do need to have a bit more knowledge in anime to participate in posting. I suggest lurking for a while, get used to everyone’s grove then start posting. Of course I’ll recommend this since I thrive here but I do have some problems with the site.

I’ll attack the good points here. Generally the people here are like a mix of ANN and MAL. Not too pretentious yet not too brain dead. You’ll get the best opinions here. You can make decent conversations. There’s different categories and topics in which you can comment on.

Bad points go to the rep system. People can neg rep you if they didn’t like what you posted (similarly they can up your rep if they like your post) so technically trolls are limited. But the system is incredibly flawed and abused. If you post something negatively, even though you weren’t trolling and just trying to cross off what you thought, then there will be people who’ll neg rep you. Why? Because they didn’t like your opinion. It’s opinionated so technically no mods can counter so that’s where the flaws come in.

So yeah, for AS Forums, you have to have a little bit more anime experience than the norm. You also have to lurk in a bit. They raise healthy anime fans though, the ones you’ll like or at least I like, so I definitely recommend AnimeSuki.


I think I tried this stunt before though with MAL VS. Sankaku but I really wanted to get this thought so yeah . . .


5 thoughts on “Best place to thrive in – AS Forums, MAL, or ANN?

  1. Ahhh, my fellow AS blogger! I absolutely agree with your thoughts on AS and MAL, though I can’t say much about ANN since I never go there except to check out the news section. AnimeSuki is where my online anime presence really started. Through the encouragements of the wonderful and informed people there, I was able to find many shows I would otherwise have never heard about, and their fan creations users taught me a lot about rudimentary Photoshopping.

    • What I love in Animesuki is that you can really have a decent conversation with people in different sections. Plus I did get into the whole photoshop business and fan creations because of Animesuki.

      In a way I really have a lot to thank AS for.

  2. I only lurk AS for light novel series because those people really know their stuff unlike in MAL where I rarely see people (there are very few) who read light novels.

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