Billy Bat

After finishing reading Pluto and watching Monster, I went ahead and attacked more of Urusawa’s works. Billy Bat is a very contrived series. Urusawa now concentrates on history and how he can put different conspiracies in it.

The series is about Kevin Yamagata who draws a comic called Billy Bat. He gets notified that someone from Japan has the same character design and he thought that maybe he got the Billy Bat idea from what he saw when he was in Japan a few years back. He goes to Japan again to figure out who’s the author and maybe ask permission to use it. Little did he know that the Billy Bat character that he’s using spans for generations, even probably before Jesus Christ and its surrounded by different murders, mysteries and conspiracies.

Everytime Urusawa attacks a certain part in time, I always have Wikipedia ready. I’m not exactly familiar with Japan’s history but I’m really surprised that the Shimoyama incident is actually real and I got creeped out a bit. Same goes for the whole Francis Xavier, the first disciple, Oda Nobuaga. . . Urusawa weaved it so well, you can’t tell the difference between real and fiction anymore (except the bat of course which in all honesty is hard to believe).

I really had fun with the whole Lee Oswald and JFK arc. Urusawa really took all the conspiracies, played with it, added his own conspiracies, blown it up a bit, added Billy Bat to the entire scenario and my god was it magnificent. Urusawa really researches everything (or maybe he has a knack of raping Wikipedia) and I love the little bits of details here and there that she adds.

I still like Pluto a bit more than this, but Billy Bat is really interesting, especially if you love conspiracies. It’s still ongoing though (70+ chapers) so you have to wait patiently afterwards.


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