How to watch Acchi Kocchi

I tried to watch Acchi Kocchi. I went and downloaded 3 episodes. 5 minutes in I was like “Fuck this is boring!”. None of the jokes work, characters are flat, their idea of making you laugh is by drawing caricatures. . . it was terrible! But then I went all the trouble to download three episodes so I came up with an idea on how to watch.

I’m sure most of you have VLC. I fast forward it 1.5x just so I can finally get over with it and drop it. Weird enough, the jokes started working! The timing’s just about right, the interactions suddenly became more upbeat, I actually started laughing a bit. The jokes are still stale but the delivery suddenly became better.

Acchi Kocchi sucks but if you watch it 1.5x faster, it becomes a whole lot funner. I might as well just call this “Acchi Kocchi 1.5x” or something. I don’t recommend watching Acchi Kocchi, but if you’re a daring fan, I recommend watching Acchi Kochi 1.5x.


4 thoughts on “How to watch Acchi Kocchi

  1. I did that one time and I saw the results. It’s different, so I reverted back to 1x. Also, use VLC’s color thresholds plugin to show one color, that’s cool.

  2. Haha. I liked the slow pace of Acchi Kocchi. It’s my “relaxation time” but I can see why you would like to fastforward it. But you say that jokes you didn’t like were funnier when the series was faster? Most of the jokes in Acchi Kocchi are verbal puns. Does speaking faster made the difference for you?

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