[Remembering Love] – Kimi ni Todoke

Well Trzr23 put us all up to this so might as well put my own Remembering Love post. Coincidentally, I have been rewatching quite a number of anime from Brotherhood, Haruhi and Kimi ni Todoke. I have an easy time explaining my love for Brotherhood and Haruhi but Kimi ni Todoke was different. Thinking about it, why did I like this series so much?

Besides the RAW emotions it manages to bring out of me, whether it was “DAAAW Sawako”or “Die in a blazing fire UMMMEEEE“, Kimi ni Todoke stood out of all the other shoujo series because of one simple thing which is . . . well simplicity.

Everything Kimi ni Todoke does is basic. It takes off all the stupid gimmickry and just focuses on either its romance, comedy or drama. It’s incredibly pure too, which most series lack these days. When you describe shoujo, Kimi ni Todoke is the epitome of it.

Take for example, the three episode arc wherein Yano and Yoshida started doubting that Sawako likes them because of a rumor. Everything that happened in those three episodes was incredibly normal for a high school setting (something most series tend to forget) and it really developed those three’s friendship. Some people would call this “dragging” because  it’s stretched but I call it “pure development”. They didn’t use cheap tricks (well there were misunderstandings but then again completely normal), they just went with the flow on how high school friends would sort things out.

The main couple of this series is obviously Sawako and Kazehaya. The development of their relationship is painfully slow, looking at it by episodes, but thinking about it, it didn’t really take them that much time to finally realize they like each other. It’s like subjective and objective. There’s some things you can’t see when you’re too close (like the lovebirds budding relationship) and there’s some things you can’t see when you’re too far (how slow their relationship feels but the time is actually fast (especially by the second season)).

With these points of view in mind, Kimi ni Todoke becomes a really lovely anime; one that stands at the top of shoujo romances. It’s really sweet remembering my love for this thing (or all the UMEEEE rages).

Things are gonna be slightly slow in this site but I am still alive.

I’m probably not gonna make another one Remembering Love post (Trzr23 suggested 3-4 posts) though since as fun as rewatching is, it’s TOO time consuming. Toodles to the other still on board with this project.

7 thoughts on “[Remembering Love] – Kimi ni Todoke

  1. Huh. (Day is Thursday, posts should be around Sunday) Someone’s pretty late with this D: Ah, it’s ok.

    Anyways, good choice. I have an interesting relationship with this series–I nearly finished all of season 1, but I still have yet to watch the last episode. Yes, I have no idea why O.o

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