Ao Haru Ride

I came across this title while I was surfing at a certain forum to look for decent shoujo manga. I haven’t really read any good ones since Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun (that was like a year ago) so imagine the smile on my face when I was finally able to read something decent and not so generic shoujo manga for once.

If I talk about the story, it would either sound like a terribly generic premise or a booohoohoo dorama so I won’t talk about that. And yes I do think the premise is slightly crappy (two lovers separated when they were young blablabla) but what drives this manga is both execution and emotion. And honestly when it comes to any entertainment, these two are the most vital parts.

I think it’s quite a feat. that I geniunely care for a story with “long lost lovers finally reuniting” as it’s theme. The way the author managed to execute  such a story with such refinement amazes me. Maybe it helps that both characters were pretty “normal” (the emphasis on “cool guy” or “bishie” is toned down) in the beginning of the story and I didn’t have to roll my eyes as much.

The story then turned into a “I will be the one to change this bad boy into a good kid” type of story. I thought it would fall to pieces. I thought “oh god it’s turning into generic crap” when the first few chapters started. But then the author did her magic again and it turned such story into a very emotional character arc. I think I let up a tear in one scene. The author is pretty good at drawing out emotions and again the sense of refinement prevailed yet again. It didn’t turn into a “Boohoo HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND MY PREDICAMENT” type of melodrama but one where you really sympathize with the character.

Now 16 chapters in, I must say, this manga is REALLY REALLY REALLY good. EVERYONE GO READ AO HARU RIDE.


6 thoughts on “Ao Haru Ride

    • So I gave it a whirl, and excitedly read up to volume 5, chp. 16. Curse these ongoing manga! :p
      I find Futaba and Yuuri’s friendship so refreshing. So many other manga would take advantage of their mutual feelings for Kou to create overly dramatic girl drama, but I definitely preferred the strength of their friendship.

      • I know right! It’s actually hard to find a shoujo manga that keeps that balance between friendship and love. Actually most shojo mangas just dive into dramatic girl drama after a few chapters of pretending to have this cool premise because people always eat that up. This is also the reason why I think Ao Haru Ride is soooo refreshing.

  1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a great shoujo manga! (I must check this one out so, is it the same author as Strobe Edge? The art work looks similar?). Did you hear they were making Tonari into an anime? Great news!

    • YES I KNOW RIGHT I LOVE TONARI NO KAIBUTSU KUN TO BITS! It’s the same author as Strobe Edge (But I really did not like that manga) so you should try Ao Haru Ride.

      • Oh cool. yea i also didnt like strobe edge- i was up for andou in the end *sigh*. Her artwork is lovely though! Will definately check this one out!

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