A bang or a whimper? The End of Spring 2012

Spring 2012 has been hailed by almost everyone in the anime blogging community as one of the best in recent years. Stuff like Sakamichi no Apollon and Fate/Zero managed to catch the hearts of both elitists and casual viewers alike. But things doesn’t look like it’ll end as memorable too (or at least for me and the shows I really like this season).

Sakamichi no Apollon – 60% Chance of BANG 

Sakamichi no Apollon is on a steady state of depressing, usually present in most high school anime. It’s not exactly the most exciting to watch and the whole “jazz” theme is almost forgotten. I really fear that this will end like how most Noitamina anime will which is nothing special, slightly rushed and almost impair the anime of being a memorable one. Still this series has proved that pacing is NOT one of its problems, so I really want to cross my fingers for a satisfying ending.

Mysterious Girlfriend X – 60% Chance of whimper

Honestly, this series is the season’s prime and glory for me. These last few episodes though were sorta frustrating in a sense. One episode, they reintroduced a character which they almost turned into a rival of sorts while on the next, a screw went loose and the series forgot part of its character. I’ve been all roses and praises for this series but I can’t believe it’s not pulling as well as it should in its last few episodes and these last episodes are the most important ones. This series has made quite a mark on me already (a big deep hickey) but the ending will really determine exactly how deep it did.

Fate/Zero – 100% chance of WHY THE HELL DID YOU KILL RIDER!?!?!

Fate/Zero will probably have the best ending this season but I’ll definitely make it a point not to smile since THEY EFFING KILLED RIDER. We all knew this was going to happen but it still pains my heart every time I remember our Broskander come close to Gilgamesh while swords slash through his body. Why F/Z Why!?!?!?

Sankarea – 80% Chance of “Hey this might actually end well”

I was pleasantly surprised with Episode 10 and how it actually managed to reintroduced Rea’s father in a different light while not justifying his sickening love for Rea. That whole episode was pure glory and I also liked how this marked as a start of finale of sorts. While I’m wondering how the hell will this end, somehow this episode reassured me that it will end awesome.

Saki-Achiga: 80% Chance of “Wow I’m really pumped for this”

Achiga-hen rubbed me wrong from the start with dull main characters and buildup that goes nowhere but damn these recent episodes were amazing as hell. The superpowered, crazy, slightly cheating techniques finally came back as well as great flashbacks. Yes Achiga-hen, this is how the original used to do it. I’m also pumped that his has 5 more episodes left so this will really determine the fate of the ultimate Saki final.


2 thoughts on “A bang or a whimper? The End of Spring 2012

  1. I really like how you evaluate your the chances for your opinions on these shows :p Funny, but completely understandable.

    I am surprised at your fairly positive reaction to Saki, since I really don’t think much has improved past the ridiculously rushed start. Even though the background spotlight on the side characters is something they did in the original, for some reason it really just doesn’t work for me in this case. I have a hard time caring since all I want to see is a match against Nodoka and Saki. I enjoy myself the most when they’re in the matches and flashing their flamboyant moves :p

    • I think that when the match finally started, things really got into gear. I actually like how the focus finally left the Achiga girls since they were so damn boring to watch and these last two episodes felt like Toki was the MC and I like Toki. Plus I’ve always wanted to see how Teru works and this semifinal match really made me curious on what will happen when she battles Saki (I’m assuming it’s going to be in the Individual Tournament because she plays first now).

      I’ts not like this series suddenly became as good as Saki but rather I’m just accepting it’s never going to be as good as the original and just enjoying the heck of what I can with it :)).

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