All good things have to –

to come to a pause. No I’m not ending this blog. . . but I am just gonna go through my “monthly hiatus” which I desperately need.

3 Reasons Why:

1) This Summer Season kinda sucks. Of course there’s awesome shit (Humanity has declined aka The Japanese Adventure Time, Natsuyuki, SAO, Rinne S2) but I am a bit burnt out. Also I’m preparing for the awesomeness of Fall with Tonari no Kaibutus Kun airing then.

2) Busy with real life. I gots entrance exams to be worried about.

3) I wanna renovate this site in peace. Yes, after my hiatus this site is gonna look awesome.

Well I’ll still post editorials when I feel like it. Plus I haven’t finished reviewing all the series I watched in Spring.

Also go to Moe_Alternative if you wanna see Saimoe Coverage!


4 thoughts on “All good things have to –

  1. Hope the break is properly restful and that your studies go well 🙂 I also look forward to seeing a redesign of the ol’ blog; those are always fun!

  2. Fall looks even more promising then Summer indeed. Re:Cyborg seems pretty cool too and it’s going to come out in Fall. Oh well, I’ll see you soon^^

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