Hourou Musuko and Rants on Homosexuality

Hi I am Nitori

And I am a Gay.

I’m actually a crossdresser and not really homosexual but who the fuck cares about the difference.

Lol. You only have a psychological deficiency.

*disclaimer: Doi never actually said that.

I was with my family on the dinner table one late evening. We were talking, laughing, and having fun like we usually do on evenings. Suddenly my grandma brings up a topic about some dude name BB Gandang Hari and all of a sudden the tables turned. I can still recall the exact words of my dad.

“ A family with homosexuals is wrong. It’s not right. Those baklas and tombois probably only have psychological defects. Look at our society now, idolizing *insert gay actor/actress* wanting to be like them. My gosh, how do they even let this people on TV.”

My dad is an intellectual with amazing opinions on different topics that I agree at some points. But I still cannot believe how the hell those words came out of his mouth. My dad almost always made it clear on his slight bias/hatred towards homosexuals but those words just hurt even to someone who’s not even gay.

So after dinner, I pseudo reflected on myself. I thought to myself, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. Then it kicked in my head. That was what’s wrong. The world is fucking wrong. I live in the Philippines and while homosexuality is probably slightly more accepted in this country than others, it is almost always taken as a joke. In Filipino movies, the gay flambouyant best friend of the girl is always a static character that does nothing but . . . well . . . be gay. And it’s supposed to be funny. Everyone laughs. Haha it’s gay. NO SHIT. I thought to myself, WHY IS THE WORLD SO PREJUDICED.

I even recall a moment in my Philosophy class when someone brought up a question about Homosexuality. My Philosophy teacher, who like my dad has a lot of very intellectual things to say in so many topics only says “Gays should not get married. It’s wrong. It’s awkward.” I thought to myself, If a genius like this only thinks about homosexuality in such a terrible way like this, what about the rest of of my country?

This is where Hourou Musuko comes in. In anime, homosexuality is only ever tackled in bishounen/yaoi stuff with a lot of insensitivity to the topic and all dominations and shit. Of course there are many exceptions to this rule but SERIOUSLY, gayness in anime/manga is almost always only tackled by fujoshis. Then I remember this little gem that aired in Winter 2011. Hourou Musuko.

I remember mentioning how I’ve never seen an anime deal with problems with the LGBT community in such a way that it’s subtle, inoffensive, yet sends out a really beautiful message. I still recall the time where Nitori goes to school in a girls uniform and everyone shunned him. While in reality, I will probably those people that would shun crossdresseres, I suddenly realized the seriousness of society’s problems. The double-standards (In Hourou Musuko, not many people cared when Takatsuki came in boys clothes). Homosexuality will always be treated as a joke in the Philippines just as much as middle school crossdressers will never be accepted in Japan (Well I personally think the situation in the Philippines is a lot worse. +there’s a nice for traps in Japan loljk). Well of course being gay is much more prominent than crossdressing but that’s beside the point.

I am now proud that such a series was produced. I really think Hourou Musuko should be known to many people so their eyes would open. I doubt that they will but I really think a show like these can make people more aware of situations they think are only “deficiencies”.

Part of making this post was just me ranting on some stuff I got pissed about but really, everyone should watch Hourou Musuko.


7 thoughts on “Hourou Musuko and Rants on Homosexuality

  1. your dad has an old school mentality. i think all strict parents do. i’m pinoy too so i understand. there’s always going to be a supporter and a hater. the pinoy usually decides to just make light of certain situations. homosexuality, the corruption and all those stuff. we’re still pretty open minded compared to other places where gay people are actually killed or abused.
    our country is pretty accepting. i’ve seen some people dine with beggars, HIV positive people and mentally challenged individuals without making a big deal out of it. XD

    • Yeah that’s the thing. Sometimes things that are taken lightly are the things that make it even more wrong. Compared to other countries, of course the Philippines is very accepting but you’d be surprised by the number of homophobics. And most of these homophobics are the religious ones which is really sad(not generalizing but based on what I’ve seen).

      • well yeah there’s that but let the haters hate. religion also teaches us to be kind and mindful of others so they’re just using it as a front.
        besides, most gay in our country don’t give a sh*t about what others think and just freely expresses themselves.
        some go over board though….XD

      • Religion, especially Christianity, teaches that we should accept everyone, differences and all yet what’s being practiced is the entire opposite.

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    • Nitorin probably isn’t gay but it was fairly pointed out that he’s having gender indentity crisis, much like Takatsuki. She’s not a crossdresser though. . . did you even watch the series?

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