[Carnival] Reflections on Animanga Blogs

Foxy Lady Ayame probably doesn’t know me but I do frequently visit the beautiful world. In any case, she is hosting a carnival encouraging us bloggers to write about what we, as blog readers, want to read when we go to an Animanga blog.

Welp here’s my turn in this craziness:

What do I like to read and for what reasons?

I generally read stuff like impressions on something that I’ve watched, read, etc. It’s like when I watch an anime, I really want to see right afterwards how other people reacted to it. Did they like it just as much as I did? Did they see a certain point I wasn’t able to see? I wonder how people reacted to this scene?

Of course if it was just impressions, I’d go to a forum instead (which I do) so it needs to have more than that. In reading an entry about something, I tend to analyze if I can recognize the person who wrote this. I tend to want to read stuff that is very personalized or just something that I can grasp on in differentiating the personality of the blogger from one another. For a classic example, I remember how I can differentiate it when Omni was writing than when Divine was writing in Random Curiosity. Even if at times, they would probably have the same reaction to a scene, they would write it in different ways. Divine was more careful with his words but at the same time able to cross what he thinks about something while Omni was slightly more frank (well + the really long summaries he makes). Oh wait why the hell am I gasming about RC – I’m supposed to write about what I like to read.

Of course I like reading occasional editorial blogs but most of those are the “One sitting blogs that I glue my eyes for hours and then never go back to til like months later” types of blogs. I’m just being honest (Oh wait DOES THAT MEAN MY BLOG IS ONE OF THOSE TYPES? NO WONDER NO ONE READS MY SHIT).

So yeah, in short I like to read impressions from bloggers with personalities.

What do I do when I stumble upon a new blog?

1) Read a post.

2) Read another post, most probably the one below it.

3) If I liked what I read, I’ll read more posts. If not then buh bye.

4) After Eye Raping the blog for an hour, I’ll look on special stuff in the above categories. Stuff like “Top 30 Anime” or “Recommended Reads” or something like that.

5)Then I realize there’s an about me section so I click that in which I realize that commenter who annoyingly replies to all the posts wasn’t a stalker but the author.

While I did comment on Editorial blogs being “One sitting blogs that I glue my eyes on for hours then never go back til months later” blogs, one thing that they have an edge on episodics is that I’ll almost always read it. Editorials are always very personalized so it’s easy to get addicted to. The only reason I go back months later to a lot of it is because of post rates which episodics can handle more.

I don’t have any grudge on Episodic blogs but it is true that a lot of them are terrible. In writing episodics, one really needs to have a voice that can be differentiated from the zillions of RC copycats out there. For example, Scamp‘s blog is relatively episodic but his snarky and sarcastic nature makes The Cart Driver so lovely to read. There’s psgels with quick, short yet concise impressions, Guardian Enzo with his analytic approach in writing, and Kurogane with his very relaxing, reaction-ish approach.

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

There’s only two important things, in my opinion, that an animanga blog should have.

Have a writing style

Like what I’ve mentioned before, stop writing in a way that you’ll think you’ll be popular. Write in a way that’s most convenient to you. This isn’t high school wherein your words have to be either flowery or formal. This is the blogging community. I guess in a sense, what I’m trying to say is loosen up! (unless that’s not how you write which in any case means you’ve loosened up).

Be masturbatory.

Please SHOW your real self! Oh wait that will never happen but in writing, the writer must at least be able to convey him/herself through their writing style. Also, write what you fucking want to write. I guess in episodic blogs there is such a thing as commitment but in any case my point is that a person should not be imprisoned on something he/she doesn’t want to write. Be a prisoner of popularity writing.

So maybe you wrote your 877th summary post of whatever you’ve watched. . . were you fulfilled with that? Did you achieve your purpose? Oh fine you’re fucking popular but did you really write what you want to write? A good animanga blogger or a blogger in general should be able to ask these questions on themselves in order to become better or at the very least enjoy more the beauty of blogging.

Those two might be slightly contradictory in a sense but my point stands anyway.

In a more personal note, a blog should look good and readable at the same time. Don’t be blog #1234546 WordPress 2011 theme user (lol I think I used to be one) or have incredibly flashy visuals that covers all your writing.

What blogging behaviors annoy you?

Arrogance. This was pretty prevalent during the Aniblog Tourney and reached its peak in the finals and I’m sure if you were participating on the discussions there, you’d know which blog I’m pertaining too.

Lol Dorama. Writing about yourself is nice, but don’t overdo it. I get it, you have a stalker, now get over it. Also stop commenting so negatively on a negative post

DON’T SAY HI TO ME. God, please, just don’t. It’s awkward when I’m reading blogs that are so polite, they even say hi in a post.

Stop using big words! This isn’t the SATs (or UPCAT in my case)!

Stop making yourself look stupid with no variety in words. I’m not in kindergarten.

Going along with arrogance, EAT A HUMBLE PIE! Elitism can be fun but overdoing it (unless you make it a point that you’re self aware) can really be distasteful. Lol again some people in the Aniblog Tourney (especially some of the finalists) should eat humble pie.


That’s all I have to say I guess. If you’re interested in reading more of this topic, here are other blogs that participated:

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13 thoughts on “[Carnival] Reflections on Animanga Blogs

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  2. Nice pictures. And lol, I have that youtube dood in my post too xD

    I fully agree with you with episodic blogs. It’s tough to write a good, unique ones. Honestly, I dabbled in the art of episodics before, and it’s horrid. I can’t keep up “the weekly chore”, and each time I write, it sounds more like an episode summary then a post. I always applaud people who can write episodics weekly with such skills and consistence.

  3. Oooh, it sounds a bit tricky to please you :p Be masturbatory, but don’t be arrogant! Don’t be negative and dramatic, but also try to be humble! Being a successful blogger is pretty much walking a tightrope ><

    Kind of along with the avoiding saying "hi" is how some posts also always end the post with "kthxbai". This drives me nuts to no end; I also see this a ton in some forum posts. What, is that like a signature or something? An automatic way to end the post, like a period?

    Also, fun little comics! Did you find those elsewhere, or draw them yourself?

    • Oh god I know what you’re talking about with the end signature thing in forum posts.

      I just found the images somewhere. It was so cute that I had to put in.

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  6. (“Foxy Lady Ayame probably doesn’t know me but I do frequently visit the beautiful world.”


    “After Eye Raping the blog for an hour”


    I totally liked the pictures you used to make your point. Mainly because I lol’d. Eh, I don’t really mind big words, as long as it makes sense and is not added in just to be added in. It better flow well.

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