Uncurrency Anime – Lovely Complex

Before when someone mentions popular shoujo anime, Bokura Ga Ita, Fruits Basket and this come into mind. Since I finally finished Bokura Ga Ita, I thought this would be the perfect combination.

And the perfect combo it is.

LC and BgI might look the same in terms of artwork but they’re in complete opposites in terms of mood. In a sense, these two series complement each other. BgI provides the heavy drama while LC provides the light-hearted fluff. Anyway, enough BgI comparisons and let’s concentrate on LC.

Lovely Complex is a very cute series that’s always full of energy. Risa, the main character, is a tad too tall for a girl and Otani, her comedic partner, is a tad too small for a boy. The entire series revolves around their nonstop bickering relationship which almost never fails to make you smile. One unique trait of Lovely Complex is that ALL the characters speak in Kansai-ben. It’s crazy how the hell that was pulled off (apparently they hired local actors) but it really made Lovely Complex unique. Somehow, the jokes felt 10 times more fun because their accents manage to have better timing with their jokes (or maybe the fact that it’s funny and amusing at the same time) which really benefits Lovely Complex.

Of course, LC isn’t without faults. Risa eventually fell in love with Otani but her whole pursuing Otani shtick went for a tad bit too long (in the timeline of the anime, it took her more than a year before Otani said yes) and dragging. The middle parts of the series was still definitely funny but it felt slightly dragging at the same time.

The sweetest part of LC is definitely the confession. It’s like “Hey, Anime does it again!” and wins my heart after BgI managed to cut and destroy it into pieces. Of course for me, the best confession scene will always be Kimi ni Todoke’s but LC is still really sweet in its own little way.

The last few episodes were just Risa and Otani finally getting together and doing couple stuff while at the same time preparing to close off the series. It ended smoothly, making me feel like this is definitely a shoujo classic.

Overall, Lovely Complex is definitely a great anime but it does have faults here and there. I still think Bokura Ga Ita is the better anime but there’s definitely something LC had that BgI didn’t in the long run: Making me enjoy watching it.

Execution: 36/40 (Crazy how the entire cast speaks in Kansai-ben)

Engagement: 26/30 (A bit dragging at parts but it  consistently managed to make me smile)

Characters: 17/20 (A really REALLY cute couple)

Production Values: 8/10 (Really nice facial expressions by the characters)

Overall: 87/100


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