Fall 2012 Anime Preview

Lo and Behold, my first Season Preview. . . ever. Stuff like this really takes a whole lot of time so I hope you appreciate this whole clusterfuck preview.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne—

Obligatory Onii-chan anime of the season. The director surprisingly did a lot of stuff that I like from Hayate to Nyan Koi to Mayo Chiki . . . screenplay is being done by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu who did one for Ben-to which I also really like. Not that I’m expecting anything from this anime but who knows?
Anticipation: Low


Premise looks shitty but the staff for this looks really awesome. We have Shin Itagaki who directed Ben-to recently and the studio is MAPPA which recently finished off Sakamichi no Apollon. Like Obligatory Onii-chan anime above, this could be proven to not be shit.

Anticipation: Not Very High

Aoi Sekai no Chūshin de

It looks like this will be a parody of different games which could be interesting. Still shit director is shit director so no one should really expect much from this.

Anticipation: Low

Suki-tte Ii na yo

Being a shoujo fan, Suki-tte Ii na yo or simply Say I love you is high up in my priority list for anime to watch. While ZEXCS, the studio dedicated to making mediocre anime, is working on this, there’s a quality staff behind this mainly one of Steins;Gate’s directors (which probably has one of the best direction in Anime I’ve ever seen) and he’s even doing the Series Composition which just means he’s pouring a lot of effort into this.
The big pitfall here is the manga itself. I’ve read a few chapters of this a long time ago (even before Tonari) and it really wasn’t good. It’s just generic ol’ shoujo romance that doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It at least has great artwork going for it but with the key visuals for the anime presented already, even that doesn’t do justice. Oh well I’m still watching this + they have Suneohair for their ED theme which I can’t miss.

Anticipation: High

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Shoujo # 2 of the season which is fucking awesome because there isn’t much Shoujo anime adapted as of late. The big thing about this is that it’s being directed by the veteran Akitaro Daichi. That bloke has worked on a lot of stuff in the past decade. He worked on Now and Then, Here and There more than a decade ago which was absolutely fantastic. He’s good with any genre and 2 of the Shoujo titles he worked on, Fruits Basket and Bokura Ga Ita, are now staple shoujo classics in the anime world. If things go well with Kamisama Hajimemashita, it might just join those shoujo classics.

Anticipation: Medium


It’s based on a game which means I shouldn’t even have put this in here but I noticed the director which is fucking Shinji Takamatsu. You know, that guy who directed Gintama, School Rumble, Dansei no Nichijou? Him being there automatically warrants this a first episode watch.
Anticipation: Medium

Girls und Panzer

Tsutomu Mizushima, Girls under Panzer’s director, knows his comedy having Azazel-san, Ika-Musume and many more under his belt. The premise looks like Strike Witches in tanks but it could genuinely be funny. They even hired a military advisor for this so there must be effort going here.

Anticipation: Not Very High


KyoAni’s new work which I have no idea what it’s gonna be. The trailer gave me absolutely nothing on what it’s about but what the hell THAT TRAILER IS FUCKING AMAZING .Classic KyoAni polish, classic KyoAni animation with some awesome pumping up music. Almost everyone working on this project is in-house KyoAni so expect KyoAni to go all out. I love most KyoAni series and this season’s Hyouka is just lovely. I’ll probably end up loving Chuunibyou too.

Anticipation: Very High


This is another anime I’m anticipating a lot from. I’ve read about 10 volumes of Magi and it was really epic and creative. Plus it has MOR! It’s an adventure series with a lot of focus on politics, especially in the Balbadd arc. It’s apparently based on Arabian Nights but probably only the characters names like Aladdin, Alibaba and Sinbad. According to sources, Magi WILL focus on the Balbadd arc which just oozes promise. If the right strings work for this anime, we’ll be seeing the next Fullmetal Alchemist.

This is apparently Shogakukan’s 90th anniversary project which means they’re giving a lot of budget to this. That and A-1 pictures working on this means this will look really pretty. The trailer even assures this. Surprising how someone who wrote Sumomomomomo before (which was pretty generic) can come up with something as imaginative as Magi.

Anticipation: Very High


Have you seen the trailer? HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? Gohands doesn’t really have many series under its belt but whatever. That trailer looks fucking awesome. Like AWESOME. They have a lot of bigtime VAs for this which means Gohands is probably really giving their all in this production. There really isn’t much information with K so I can’t talk that much about it but I swear DAT TRAILER IS AWESOME.

Anticipation: High

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

If you’ve been following Traveler on Revenge for a while now, you’ll notice that I’ve been hyping up Tonari. I honestly got surprised when this got an anime announcement since I didn’t even know Tonari’s that popular (which apparently it is, looking at its manga sales) and I have been jumping for joy since then. I read Tonari more than a year ago and I became a fan instantly. It’s premise is a bit cliche’d but the way it presents itself is so unorthodox. It’s such a refreshing take in a romcom and it automatically became one of my favourite manga.

Fortunately for me and Tonari, this is being handled by Brains Base which is pretty consistent in producing above average shows. The staff is also Brains Base’s high quality ones with Durarara and Baccano’s scriptwriter and they even hired Kimi ni Todoke’s director which just assures awesome shoujo goodness. The trailer’s been recently released and it looks like they’re having fun adapting Tonari which is a very good thing since Tonari is a really fun manga. CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL.

Anticipation: !@#$%^&*


I’ve read a few chapters of Code:Breaker and it was okay, not really my thing. I did say to my self “If this becomes an anime, I’ll watch it”. Low and behold here’s an anime with Kinema Citrus (or is it Cinema Kitrus?) with Brotherhood’s director at helm. Most people here are just Bones guys which we can probably assume that this will look like a Bones production which is a good thing. I mean the last time I heard of Kinema Citrus was Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 which looked amazing so at the very least, expect quality animation from this.

Anticipation: Medium


5pb’s new work (anime was announced even before the game was released), given a 2-cour timeslot in noitaminA, solid staff all around with Production IG as the studio, Robotics;Notes is shaping up to be the talk of the town for the next few months.
There’s a lot of things to be excited with this series but bear in mind, expectations can hurt. In any case, it’s not like 5pb stuff are sure win (remember Chaos;Head) and it’s not like getting 22 episodes in noitaminA will ensure quality or even being produced by Production IG (Hi thar Guilty Crown) and the premise is a bit of a downgrade from Steins;Gate so just bear in mind and keep expectations from going too high.

Anticipation: High

Psycho Pass

GEN UROBUCHI. THE UROBUTCHER IS BACK IN ANIME. If you do not know who is he is, the last time he was a script writer for an anime, it was this little gem called Madoka fucking Magica. He wrote the VN for Phantom and the LNs for Fate/Zero, both which I also give high regard on. Character designs are being done by Reborn’s mangaka which means bishies for the ladies and it’s in noitaminA so welp. I’m hyped.

Anticipation: Very High

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Light Novel series being adapted by JC Staff? How surprising. The premise sounds really generic and this could really be the shit of the season. On the other hand, it has Mari Okada and Okada doesn’t just settle for ordinary shit. Okada’s writing ranges from absolutely amazing original work (Anohana) to absolutely amazing adapted work (Hourou Musuko) to real shit (BRS and Fractale). In other news, the director is a complete newbie but she’s born from Madhouse. She worked on stuff from Chihayafuru, NANA, Supernatural, Aoi Bungaku and most notably Monster’s last episode which is one of the best endings in anime that I have ever seen (of course most of that is due to the manga). This could go either way but somehow I’m being assured that it will definitely not be generic shit. Just either real shit or amazing.

Anticipation: Medium

Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster

MOAR OKADA. Again this could go either way but we also have HanaIro’s director and a lot of PA Works staff. It’s worth noting that this is BONES which assures us quality animation so that alone warrants this a watch already. From the information that I can gather, Zetsuen no Temptest is a bit abstract. Oh god that’s perfect for Okada, especially right after being fresh from EVOL.

Anticipation: Medium

From the New World

Promo material looks really interesting which should guarantee this a second look. The summary of the premise is that this is some sort of dystopian fantasy with kids saving the world and stuff. It’s definitely interesting and A-1 is working on this (wow they’re working on a lot of stuff this season) with a rather interesting staff. Watch out for this, it could be the Next Big Thing.

Anticipation: Medium

Litchi DE Hikari Club

Premise: 9 sexually frustrated teenage boys create a robot to kidnap girls and aid them for world domination. LOLWUT? There’s still not much information on this but if I see this animated on October, rest assured I’m gonna watch it.

Anticipation: Medium

Little Busters

If Robotics;Notes is gonna be the talk of the town, this is gonna be the talk of the entire world. Ridiculously overhyped and downgraded even before the anime starts, Little Busters has a lot of expectations (admittedly even from me). Based on the Visual Novel of the same name, LB is basically Key’s latest popular work. The usual should be expected: A snarky male lead and a lot of girls with traumatic pasts and has a lot of crying. LB does have more of a male cast that the usual Key stuff (then again Angel Beats have a huge male cast) but I’m sure we’re gonna have a lot of tears one this series starts kicking off the dorama. Or will it?

Lo and behold, KyoAni is not animating this. So do not expect crazy polished quality like CLANNAD, Kanon and Air. JC Staff is handling this (which is possibly the worst thing a KEY fan would expect in adapting this) and even I get a little worried about how this will do. Looking at the staff, I get even more worried since the director only did stuff like Kill Me Baby and Hatsukoi Limited (again not something a KEY fan would like to hear- thank GOD I don’t play VNs) so even I have to say, expectations should not be too high with this. It can definitely work if the staff puts their efforts into making LB a masterpiece. The trailer looks great and it looks like JC Staff is putting a lot of effort in this (obviously this is still no KyoAni). It could really go either way.

Anticipation: High


I love Gintama but I haven’t finished it yet nor am I anywhere near caught up. Still more Gintama is good.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo is one of the longest running manga in Japan, spanning more than 100 volumes. It had adaptations before (namely OVAs) and this one is being produced by David Production. A manga similar to this which David Production also produced is Level E and that was fucking hilarious. I’m hoping this will be the case for Jojo too.

Anticipation: Medium

Initial D New Season

Not really interested.

Jormungand 2

It’s more like a continuation really. Jormungand lacks a bit on substance but it’s genuinely fun watching Koko and her gang beat the fuck up of their opponents. HE NAME IS KOKO SHE IS LOCO I SAY OH NO.

Anticipation: High

Medaka Box 2

Dropped the first season; not really interested in picking it up again.

Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb

I really need to start watching Hidamari (though I’m not spending 4 season on it).

Busou Shinki

Finally got a proper adaptation. It could turn into Nyaruko-san but it could turn shit. I’m not giving this a chance unless I hear good things about it.

Hayate the Combat Butler: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Ironically, even though I like Hayate, I did not finish both the First and Second Season. This is some sort of remake and I’m planning on getting my hands on this but my god the new character designs look GODAWFUL.

Anticipation: Not Very High

To Love Ru Darkness

I have to admit that I’m a TLR fan. It’s just T&A with no substance but I can’t not watch this series. I thoroughly loved the first season and the second even improved on the first with QUALITY (iykwim) animation and Darkness looks to improve on this even more. Or maybe I’m just a big Yami fan.

Anticipation: Medium

Hiiro no Kakera 2

This got a second season- SERIOUSLY?

Seitokai no Ichizon – Hekiyoh Gakuen Seitokai Gijiroku

I liked what I watched in Season 1 but I haven’t been able to finish it.

Bakuman 3

I hated Bakuman season 1 because it downgraded everything I liked about the manga. It even turned it into some sexist “Woman go back to the kitchen” kind of vibe. Second season is more of the same and I’m actually catching up to watch this finale. I hate the anime but I have to watch it for the sake of the manga.

Anticipation: Low


Well there’s a lot of interesting stuff this season and it’s definitely enough to quench my thirst. Tonari no Kaibutsu’s adaptation is enough already for me but there’s also stuff like Chuunibyou, Magi, Little Busters, Psycho Pass that I’m eager to watch and that’s still not scratching the surface of interesting anime this season.

* There’s some children’s stuff and game adaptations but I didn’t bother including it because I probably wouldn’t watch it anyway.

* Will add trailers soon.


8 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Anime Preview

  1. Too many awesome anime this Fall! I already know K is awesome even without watching the trailer xD Psycho Pass is definitely must-see after knowing it’s written by the phenomenal Gen Urobuchi. This is a no brainer but I’m also definitely watching Little Busters and Robotic;Notes.

    This is rare but there are also a lot of sequels I’m looking forward to Gintama (still wondering why it doesn’t appear on most Fall anime charts), Medaka Box, Jormungand, Initial D (sure took a LONG while for a sequel) and Bakuman. Hayate no Gotoku could be good but like what you said, the character designs are horrid, they could have just gone to J.C Staff instead 😦 I’m a big Yami fan myself too so might be watching TLR Darkness too.

    • I swear DAT TRAILER for K. It’s weird for Hayate since Manglobe is supposed to be the better studio but looking at the trailer, it looks like shit! I mean something’s gone totally wrong for a franchise if we’re wishing JC Staff to do it instead.

  2. I love how universities actually expect us to do work while this season is airing.

    In any event, I’m most stoked for Robitcs;Notes and Psycho pass (those two will be the shows I’ll be covering) and pretty much 80% of the stuff here. Both of the shoujos look quite promising and Kyo Ani is always a wildcard. Your most anticipated title, Tonari, also seems neat, especially since it’s being produced by Brain’s Base. And then there’s Little Busters, which will probably be the subject of much heated rage due to J.C Staff handling the adaptation. Finally, there’s a few sequels I’ll be watching such as Jormungand, Medaka Box (hopefully it actually becomes as good as people say) and Hidamari.

    tl;dr picking up 80% of airing shows as always this season.

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  4. I think you hit the nail on the head when talking about Robotics;Notes because it really could go either way. On one hand, 5pb/Nitro+ collab stories are good (Chaos;Head had a decent plot but bad adaptation) and Production I.G. is legit; on the other hand, Guilty Crown, and the fact that Steins;Gate is considered to be better than the other two games story-wise. I’ll watch it anyway though.

    Re: Little Busters, I think a lot of people are going to hate it, but we’ll see. I personally prefer the chara designs since Key art was never all that great to begin with. I hear the story is hard to adapt but I haven’t finished the VN yet.

    “This is some sort of remake and I’m planning on getting my hands on this but my god the new character designs look GODAWFUL.”

    That’s why it’s called Can’t Take My Eyes Off You!

    • I have to agree with you on the Key Art since I never really liked it either. Seeing the trailer, I don’t really have many bad things to say since it actually kinda looks nice and inspired (But it’s no Kyoani).

      They say Robotics;Notes got terrible reviews though but still 5pb did make Steins;Gate so at the very least I won’t ignore Robotics;Notes even if it turns out bad.

  5. Thanks so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!! Very helpful and a great resource for what to watch. I just started Tonari last night and completely fell in love. I haven’t read the manga but think I’m going to have to now. Now I know what else to check out this season while I wait for episodes!

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