Sword Art Online could be so much better. . .


We could have had more of this rather than that Yui drama.

I’m really frustrated with Sword Art Online as of lite. Episode 12 was like. . . icing on top of a rotting cake. It really dropped the bombed. It made me realize how pathetic this adaptation is.

I think the premise of SAO, “what if people got trapped into a game in which they can die?”,  is a misconception or at least the statement is fairly incorrect. It’s more of “what if anime stereotpyes got trapped into a game in which they can die?” for me. All these “Moe Girl of the Week” kind of episodes. . . why SAO WHY!?!?!?!?!

I actually don’t mind anime stereotypes as long as in the end they grow out of it and become actual characters(Idolm@ster anime is a HUGE example of this). SAO’s character development revolves around putting plots twists and having emotional cheese rather than letting characters have “actual” development time. This is most apparent in Kirito and Asuna’s relationship. One episode they’re friends, and the the next episode they get married. AND THEN THEY START HAVING A FAMILY WITH YUI IN WHICH SHE DIES THE EPISODE AFTER. God SAO stop it STOP IT!

SAO adaptation is pathetic in a sense that it’s scared to tarnish the novels (Index is another example of this but I like Index but it’s nowhere near pathetic). To the SAO Staff aka A-1 Pictures: THIS IS AN ANIME ADAPTATION, NOT A PROMOTIONAL TRAILER FOR THE NOVELS. Then again, it IS a promotional trailer through and through but by golly  things can be changed up from time to time AND NO — ARRANGING IT INTO A MORE COHERENT TIMELINE DOES NOT EQUAL TO THE ADAPTATION BEING DARING.

I can see what SAO is trying to do. I know Yui’s arc is gonna be used somehow to develop SAO’s story even more. That needs to stop though, the whole “Guys, we’re gonna create a character, kill it, have you cry cus you guys like crying, and then you’ll like SAO even more”. That’s not how a STORY works; this is actually a crime to a story since it has absolutely no respect to the characters themselves!

I’m definitely seeing SAO through and through (I’m never gonna drop this) but I really wanna like what I watch so I’m just hoping it gets better after this (actually it was already starting to get better until this Yui thing showed up).


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