Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – 01

I never thought I’d see the day . . .

Am I dreaming, am I . . .huwa. It’s real. IT’S REAL. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun finally has an anime adaptation — and based on the first episode; a well produced one. It’s anything a fan of the manga can ask more and it even brings more to the table.

Shizuku’s personality and inner monologues just hits all the perfect notes for me. Tomatsu Haruka really gives a refreshing take on her character. She nails the whole, “what I do is completely different from what I think” character that Shizuku is.

Yep, the key to a beautiful friendship requires assaults and rape threats. 

Haru on the other hand . . . I never actually liked Haru in the manga as much as I did with Shizuku. He’s definitely not a lady’s man, or a nice person to be with in general, but (as with many shoujo manga) he’s a perfect fit for Shizuku.

The production team, seemed to have made some sort of mistake. Yamaken’s the real male lead of the show after all.

This episode was very fast paced (exactly like the manga in the first few chapters) and it’s refreshing that we see a romance that goes exceedingly faster than your usual shoujo romance (lol Kimi ni Todoke). We’ve had a confession and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly since I’ve read a fair amount of the manga) a kiss by the first episode. But Haru’s kind of a weirdo so don’t expect the direction to go Nazo no Kanojo X/KareKano style.

Best scene of the episode.

Tonari is definitely a shoujo manga (now anime) through and through and it uses a lot of cliches. What it has above other shoujo out there is the way it uses those cliches. Somehow, especially with this episode, it feels refreshing.

Yep, another key to a beautiful friendship is the clothes grabbing with the continuous verbal threats.

Another thing to commend with this episode is how absolutely gorgeous it was. It uses very warm coloring; it’s pleasant in the eyes. The OP, while sounding generic (no offense to Tomatsu-san), has incredibly pretty graphics. It really reminds me on how Kimi ni Todoke was done (which is a good thing).

Lol Shizuku; you don’t have to cover your ears since you’ll still be shamed both ways.

Okay, 6 more days til episode 2 . . . the wait is gonna kill me.

More Yamaken, Please.


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