12 Days of Anime – Just Another Couple

There are a lot of good couples this year. There’s Chitanda and Houtarou’s slow but moving romance, there’s the Mysterious Couple X, and there’s Shizuku and her little monster. There’s one series though that really takes the cake and for me in terms of having the cutest couple and that’s. . .

But seriously though, this couple really grew on me. Horror is never really my thing and one of the reasons why I liked Another so much is because I didn’t partly laugh watching the entirety of it (okay maybe except part of the last episode) and I actually got scared at times. The biggest reason though is that it actually bothered having main characters that aren’t just catalysts for horror.

While Mei’s story started off as something to scare Kouichi (and the viewers), once we got to really know her, she ends up being a sympathetic character. Also all that buildup eventually turned into a romantic buildup which made me appreciate Another even more.


6 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime – Just Another Couple

  1. That dance sequence was the best. XD I also really liked the relationship that developed between Kouichi and Mei in general. Another may have had its faults, but I think there were things it really nailed as well, particularly with how it played off of audience expectations. I also liked how the characters felt more down-to-earth than those of your average anime, avoiding most of the anime tropes and character archetypes you often see.

    • What really made me remember this couple is when I finally got down to watch the OVA. Towards the end of it, there was a snippet in which was the first time Mei met Kouichi, but this time in her perspective. And suddenly it all came back to me. DAAAAAAWWWW.

  2. I actually liked Another a lot, as well as this couple. Maybe it’s because I jumped into the series already knowing what to expect (though, to be fair, a good amount of the “shock” scenes did manage to shock me anyway), and thus wasn’t in any mode of disappointment where I felt the need to rag on it. Also could be my like for horror and just the prospect of an horror anime that succeeds in having somewhat of a tense atmosphere (victims and when death will occur being unpredictable). Dunno.

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