12 Days of Christmas – The Hero of the Teru Onslaught

Saki: Achiga-hen was probably one of the most infuriating series that aired this whole 2012. It spent 8 episodes or about more than a half of its air time in buildup that went nowhere. Fortunately for the series, the last 4 (well there’s 3 more which is bound to be amazing) was pretty darn good.

The Saki franchise has been heavily building up Miyanaga’s Saki’s sister, Teru. Considered to be the current best player in high-school Mahjong, Teru has been described as cold-hearted and a downright demon with the likes of Amae Koromo and such. It’s only in Achiga-hen, however, when we actually saw her true strength.

Okay, I play Japanes Mahjong myself (I’m just a beginner) so I definitely know how unfair a lot of the powers in this series but still, my blood gets pumpin’ every time this series showcases these powers. Teru is one of them. Her power is like “Rollout” if we compare it to Pokemon attacks. Her point totals start low but it steadily increases turn by turn and god knows what can stop it. Teru also has the cheating ability to know everyone’s specialty.

So how was Miyanaga Teru stopped?

We can say that the one who truly stopped Teru was Kuro Matsumi who managed to exceed her expectations in the end by discarding a dora (Her power is to hoard certain tiles but discarding those tiles would be futile). What made this possible though is Toki Onjouji. The true hero of the Teru Onslaught and the real main character of this spinoff.

Toki Onjouji’s power is probably the most unfair of all. She can see a turn ahead. Like fuck, that’s totally cheating. Her physical body weakens though when she does try this. In this match with Teru however, the only way that she could really beat Teru is to see even farther ahead, to a point where Toki’s discards will affect Teru’s hands (well that’s how I understood it). This paved way to Kuro’s ending blast.

By doing this though, she endangered her life. She had to be brought to the hospital afterwards.

Toki Onjouji, we salute you. ;____; (she’s not dead though).

*She won this year’s Saimoe btw. 


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