12 Days of Christmas – Sword Art Online Sucks.

I- I just had to get this off my chest this year. I tried so hard liking it but it just kept tumbling and tumbling down.


I’m honestly one of those people that ride the hype train. I was honestly excited for Sword Art Online. Everybody said it was a magnificent Light Novel. Why oh why did I listen? I already knew first hand to never ride those damn hype trains unless I knew exactly what I was riding. Goddamit why SAO why?

There’s honestly a number of things to like about SAO (pretty graphics, a grand world setting, a bit of character development here and there) and I always try to forgive it every time it sort of drops stink bombs of stupid girls or terrible plot development. I’m not someone who likes to hate on things and I always try to appreciate anime that I watch.

All this changed though in episode 12. Kirito and Asuna, now all pretty and married, managed to stumble into a forest. They found a little girl called Yui who was braindamaged and all she could say was “Auna Auna”. They took her in their home sweet home and treated her as their kid. Honestly, even I thought Yui was cute.

The next day (it seemed like the next day or fuck whatever I don’t care) they tried to find Yui’s parents. They went to the first floor and some underground passage opened. They went inside and saw some big death seeker or fuck whatever that was. Asuna and Kirito couldn’t kill it. They were about to die. Then, out of nowhere, Yui transforms into Shakugan no Shana and destroys the big ol’ monster. Then at the very same moment, she remembers everything and apparently she was a damn robot. She then hugs Auna Auna and Kiito and disappears because I don’t fucking know. Suddenly though, Kirito becomes a mad genius hacker and somehow saved Yui’s life. He got an emblem that looks like a tear and apparently we, the audience, were supposed to cry because boohoohoo that was so sad.

Just no. Fuck this.

* I actually wanted to talk about awesome soundtracks for this one but I still haven’t finished downloading Rinne no Lagrange’s soundtrack so I just went with bashing SAO.


7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas – Sword Art Online Sucks.

  1. You’re not the only one. I thought this show had potential at first, but the writing started getting on my nerves as each episode went by. I mostly dropped it because of the REALLY obvious use of plot armor… that kind of writing gets on my nerves the most. Doesn’t help that light novel readers try to explain those instances of plot armor by using explanations from the light novel. It’s a REALLY bad quality for an anime not being to stand by itself.

    I’m not too confident the light novel was up to my liking either. Episode 14’s ass-pull was explained by novel readers… with an explanation that reeked of plot armor. Explaining plot armor with plot armor…. nope.jpg

    I’m not going to tell anyone not to watch it, I’ll completely respect their tastes. But, so far it seems a handful of SAO’s fanbase are the lovechildren of the Bleach and Naruto fanbases (the ‘tard sides of them). Once it gets to the point where the term “SAOtard” becomes necessarily to use… well, I don’t know…

    • I actually thought Episode 14, or the last episode of the SAO arc wasn’t so bad. It was ass pull definitely, but it feels like the production team understood that it was and went on with it in the most ambitious way they can.

  2. You managed to last until episode 12? Wow, I couldn’t even last past episode 3. I agree, the fanbase for this show is pathetic as hell. Nothing but apologistsand preteen brats in that circle. I want to thank Crunchyroll for turning this crap into the next Naruto, as I am constantly greeted with Sword Art Online pictures on my Facebook newsfeed. Seriously, I could watch Guilty Crown and laugh at it, but SAO is literally painful to watch.

    What’s worse is that my RL friends ONLY watch this show. I try to tell them there’s way better series but no they’re in it for the MMORPG factor, “Asuna is cute” and “Kirito is badass”. /sigh

    • Well the MMORPG aspect was pretty interesting and admittedly creative so I guess that was part of my drive in watching this. Plus I always try to look for positive things rather than hating on a show. Episode 12 was just shit though. It even becomes shittier the more I think about it.

  3. Seriously, Probably im one of the first supporter of SAO when its release (at last a gamer’s reflection story) as an anime and i was so dismay when the story screw up. To be Honest its been 14 years since i started playing Online games. I’ll just wanna highlight some points.

    Asuna is like one of mighty most girl BEFORE If she stays indiffrent/ignorant, I will still see her cool and awesome.

    – right/left hand commander in guild but in series did she gone action.? Yup she been doing planning with maps But did she achieve something somehow? =-= If you PVP i will believe you 😛
    – She never thinks =-=
    – As the Fairy Queen, come on asuna! you just turn into a lamb way too far.
    – You fallen inlove easily xD
    -Okay CEO daughter, if your talking money among all the players, your in top 10 priorities to get out of the SAO world
    -Why is your cage has password? OcO you can guess it? OvO theres some room with perma lock, (no escapes)

    Your cool enough but seriously with Co-GM access. You have a lot of things you can do around.
    You win by luck 😛

    Yui – I see her as GM observer OvO so she see thousand people dying on her screen,
    -You should log off everyone the the first sec you gain your memories.
    – Meh see data chip not a necklace XD

    – Since the mad scientist/programmer create you, in reality someone should fix things ups easily.
    Back up memories, High digital computers that running the Game. IP tracing the source SOLVE!
    – GM cant control Hackers, only when they are caught
    -Some Boss monsters just compared to RO
    Gleam Eyes – Bapho
    Kobold – kobold leader
    Antonio – Stormy knight (he is a Human version)
    the grim reaper – look like gream reaper from GH
    the GM (forgot his name) – Thantanos
    the spider ones – Darklord?
    the frozen dragon – ktullunux

    OvO tadaaa~

    -It just went bad dramas are now intense.
    -If the perv guy has GM access he can just ban kirito o.o -its hard to believe OcO kirito survive a day.

    Drama rating 95%
    Boss Actions 5% (Best parts) they should make more boss around
    I will love it so badly

    Disclaimer: Just an expression, I dont intend to change other ones’s view
    But still hoping it will get better. I’m a fan of shooting games so OvO the next world should be more actions

    • I don’t think the lack of action scenes or plot holes were my only problems (though I’ll definitely agree with you with how Asuna was reduced into some damsel in distress) in SAO. And no, I doubt it gets better.

    • well i can see the entire raid team form to raid boss maybe? instead they go after kirito, and they fail… why? because kirito transform into some shit boss which insta kill them all, well that part was well done!! he single handily destroy a raid team that form to raid him, what are you? you are player or a monster with 10million hp? this sucks… i would think that he is a hacker of some sort if i am gm…

      p.s. he use the so called weakest race of them all, nice done with the balancing man…

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