12 Days of Anime – Kurapika’s Revenge

Kurapika turned HxH from good to amazing. (Spoilers Ahead)

Kurapika is a character seeking for vengeance. His clan, the Kurtas, was annihilated by the most notorious group the Spider Troupe a.k.a the scariest band of thieves in the Hunter X Hunter universe. Early on in the series, Hisoka the Demented Clown (who then afterwards was revealed to be a Spider Troupe Member) gave information to Kurapika that the Spider Troupe will meet at Yorkshin City for the Annual Auction. Kurapika then spent all his time preparing for that meet. He went on with his Nen training, came up with Nen powers that will deem the Spider Troupe useless, and applied as a bodyguard for a girl who’s going to the auction in Yorkshin City.

Fast Forward to Episode 47, Kurapika managed to get his hands on a Spider Troupe member, Uvogin. What started out as only a test to see if Kurapika’s powers will work on the Spider Troupe ended up as a revenge-filled gory murder. Uvogin had absolutely no chance on Kurapika. The fight ended with Kurapika burying Uvogin in the middle of the desert, business style.

This episode (and probably all the episodes after this) made me realize how different Hunter X Hunter is compared to other popular Shonen Jump series. It’s slightly grittier, slightly more unapologetic and it doesn’t focus on making all the characters overpowered. It’s also snappier with its pace (a goldmine arc like Yorkshin would have been dragged out to god knows when if done by any other author) and it likes delivering different styles per arc.

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