Persona 4 is. . .

DULL. Maybe I’ll like it more if:

1. The main character spoke at least 50 words in the episode. I think his script only consists of “Oh”, or “What the hell” or “Really?”.

2. Not make it look so much like a game. It’s fun playing a game; it is not fun watching someone play a game. Watching Persona 4 is like watching a game.

3. If they change those godawful colors. Everyone looks like they have a beard because of that “unique” shading.

I’ll give it more episodes but it looks like this’ll go to the dumps pretty early..

Fail/Video (punfail) – 01

I thought I was gonna die watching Fate/Zero. It started off terribly, with people who I don’t really know start talking too much in an episode that could have easily been accomplished in 20 minutes. It doesn’t help that the video is cracking (I’m D’Ling from another source right now).

UNTIL the ending. Oh god that was very goosebumpy, as everything that didn’t make sense started forming. The summoning scene really made my hair stand. AND THEN THE AWESOME OP COMES IN THE END.

I’ll re-evaluate it once UTW subs (they took the better quality) come out (I mean they’re name’s UTW, they can’t not sub this).

Proper post later, Plus Penguindrum awesomeness.

Yes I’m blogging this just like the millions of bloggers who will.