Onegai Senpai – 03

That awkward moment when your crush asks you who you like

Remember when I said this series has a great balance between romance and comedy. Scratch that! This series has A PERFECT BALANCE between those two. I don’t know how the hell this series pulls off switching from romance to comedy in a snap, but I wish they would keep doing it til the end.

If I may, I will compare this again to the all mighty Toradora. That series started off really fast on both romance and comedy sides then slowed down for more character development. They showed Taiga’s unrequited love in a snap which really stated the potential of the series. Afterwards (about episode 3) things went off in a slow pace, mostly concentrating on building up the characters and their interactions towards one another. Minori from the first episode became a more dynamic character if compared to the Minori in the middle of the series. Heck Ami was a total bitch from where she started but somehow she became everyone’s favourite character towards the middle. Taiga and Ryuuji’s friendship slowly became something else as the episodes progressed. Nothing was rushed but everything was building up to what I would call “The best High School Romance Anime” I have ever watched.

Now how does this relate to Ano Natsu? This series pulled of what Toradora couldn’t. Ano Natsu’s story flows like water, changing the mood from scene to scene resulting to all six characters being more and more developed. Toradora either concentrated on its comedy or its romance and drama. Ano Natsu concentrates on BOTH at the same time.

Still though, Ano Natsu is miles off from Toradora. I don’t see Kaito and Ichika’s relationship to be as heavy, interesting and well develop as Ryuuji and Taiga’s. I don’t see any of the characters being legendary even though they’re well developed. I don’t think I’ll ever see a dramatic change in character in Ano Natsu like what Minori did in Toradora. Heck if anything the characters in Ano Natsu remind me of the side characters in Toradora. You know. . . the classmates (though admittedly even they were well developed. GOD HOW AWESOME IS TORADORA).

Of course Lemon is the exception.

I’m sorry if you were too distracted in reading my fanboyism on Toradora.