Moe in Par- Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (END) – 87 points

Moe-est screencap I’ve ever made

Moe in Paris/Ikoku Meiro no Croisee is about a little girl named Yune who brought in France Moe for the first tim- I mean a Japoinese (that’s how they pronounce it)girl who starts living in France. She becomes part of Claude and Oscar’s little family and there her little adventures start (literally she doesn’t go to a lot of places). One of the many interesting things about this series is the culture mixing. We get to learn the culture in France, and at the same time the traditions of the Japanese.

Some of the things I’ve learned is that the Japoinese don’t eat cheese, the French think Soy Souce is eewee, corsets turn out to be one of the freakiest things I’ve seen in French culture, and that there’s blue eyes in Japan (and apparently its freaky/ I doubt it though since Anime was made because the Japanese wanted to have big eyes).

The drama is annoying but pretty good. Claude is probably one my least favorite characters in the show; he doesn’t like Sukiyaki but forces Yune to eat those damn dairy products, he makes her tell her past while Yune has to be yelled at before him telling his, and his notion that rich people are bad (not really cus he has the hots for Camille). But his character is very realistic though and he does realize his mistakes and shortcomings so yeah. . . Alice on the other hand is a favorite of mine. Just the fact that she cares for Yune and actually knows how to interact without looking like a total bitch, that’s enough for me. Camille on the other hand is the mysterious rich girl (who has the hots for Claude) and somehow is the perfect example of the pains of the rich society in France. I can’treally comment much on Oscar so I’ll concentrate on the main character next.

Our dear little Yune-chan is probably the cuuuuuuuuutest character I have ever seen since Ika-Musume. She doesn’t want to intrude on anyone, nor make anyone feel bad, a genuinely nice person. She’s very strong on the inside, very willing to learn different cultures (GOD DON’T FORCE HER TO EAT CHEESE! SHE NEVER LIKED IT!) and. . . MOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The series is very character based and I think I’ve talked about the characters a lot now. Plus if you wanted to see my intake on the society with Moe in Paris I do have a post about it. Anyway, ratings time!

Execution: 34/40

Engagement: 25/30

Characters: 19/20

 Production: 9/10

Overall:  87/100 (Really good!) 

I highly recommend this if you want an easygoing, relaxing yet educational (Japanese don’t eat Cheese in the 19th Century) anime

Moe in Paris – The rich and the poor


As the series progresses, and as I get more pissed off at Claude by the second, there’s a lot of society issues being built up. It’s the early 1900’s yet the issue is still the same. Here we’re shown two sides of France. The poor and the rich. The way Claude talked about the rich people being selfish and making stores closed down is somewhat true yet somehow against innovation. Not that I want that Gallerie to close down, but in the side of the rich, the Gallerie is just an old department store waiting to rust and die. It’s kind of disheartening but in economics, this is actually something that happens. Throw a mall in a middle of the city with lots of individual stores, all of those will shut down. The Gallerie is the same. Sometimes, truth is a bitch.

For the side of the poor, I wouldn’t concentrate on Claude and his situation, since they can still live. I’d like to concentrate on that little kid who stole the candle holder in the store. Again Claude’s reputation is going down the drain by generalizing that the poorer you are, the badder you are. Yune, being all kind as she is, let the boy in thus the candle holder being stolen. But was the kid bad? He just needed to eat, to survive. Is that something bad too? But reality sucks since what Claude said is what most people (me included) say today. Don’t let poor people in, especially the ones in rags, because more often than not they’ll steal something from you. Tsk tsks fuck you reality and society.

Though the reason why I sympathize with the boy they made him into shouta-moe. Poor kids aren’t shouta-moe. Well most of them aren’t.

Steins;Gate – 17


It seems that the plan of this series is to re-engineer their plot one by one. Oh god I can just see the finale, revolving around episode 1. . .it could just be batshit epic. Feyris story was very dawwwwww. I like how she wasn’t selfish and even decided to give up her father for Mayuri’s sake. Feyris, you’re a noble one. Also it seems that she can remember other world lines as well, she can be an even more integral part of the story. In terms of emotion’s sake though, last episode did it to me since I see Suzuha a lot more than her. I even got a bit teary-eyed when Feyris’ father mentioned her. SUZUHA WE WILL ALL REMEMBER YOU.

So now it’s time for Ruka and how she managed the hell she managed to change genders.

PS. Lol at my post last episode. I was really panicking that Kurisu might have gone. I guess I read way too much between the lines.


Well I had to stop the posts about the other new series when I watched A-channel. I wasn’t even planning one to begin with since I didn’t have high expectations for it. When I watched it though, it made me realize how low moe has gone. Personally, I have nothing against moe as I practically enjoyed series like Ichigo Mashimaro, Saki or K-On (I got tired a bit of this one in Season 2). I even have Lucky Star in my Top favorites. I loved the first episode of Nichijou so I thought maybe A-channel will be pretty good. Then. . . it was HORRID. The characters are completely rehashed, the plot is like an unpolished K-On without the music, and it made me feel like I’m supposed to care about the drama which I did not. I think they were trying to set a gag where in Neo-Nagato will ward off the men from her beloved senpai or the breast-snag thing but it just doesn’t work for me. Heck I got tired of it the second time. There’s also that Neo-Mio which is an archetype I usually like but its not the case here because I just screamed, “COPY CAT” out loud. THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE SHOW IS COPYCAT EVEN FOR MOE STANDARDS! Moe still has a bit of a prestige you know. You can’t just make anything and then make it look like it’s a good slice of life moe which people will defend. I’M NOT DEFENDING THIS ONE.

I got a bit offtrack with my current hatred for the first episode of A-channel but that wasn’t my point really. It’s the people who watched it. It seems that it’s getting a good reviews from different people. SOME PEOPLE ARE EVEN COMPARING IT TO NICHIJOU! It reminded me of those days when I defended K-ON. About two years ago when K-ON aired, it was getting a lot of hatred after a few episodes have gone by. Well I of course noticed it because I haven’t been laughing as much anymore as it progressed but I still liked it enough to defend it. I saw comments on forums saying that K-ON is boring as hell and I defended it, to the point of even saying these people have no sense of humor. No heart. This time around though, I feel weird I’m on the other side of the war. I’m the enemy. I’m the one who says A-Channel is boring. I’m already seeing people defending it and by the end of the season, it would probably have a huge fanbase. I can foresee that neo-nagato being on a daikamura by the end of the season and I’m not liking it.

I got offtrack again by my A-channel hatred. My point is that maybe people outgrow moe. Maybe if this aired a few years back when I wasn’t a dirty elitist yet, I would have love this? Would I have been on the other side of the war protecting A-channel from haters (that gave me chills)? Now I see the point of the haters. Now I see that they have a POINT. I’m really confused right now if I’m being harsh or not or I’m getting older and I’m starting to hate moe and that’s really weird. I never thought I’ve come to a point where I would hate a moe series.