Moe in Paris – The rich and the poor


As the series progresses, and as I get more pissed off at Claude by the second, there’s a lot of society issues being built up. It’s the early 1900’s yet the issue is still the same. Here we’re shown two sides of France. The poor and the rich. The way Claude talked about the rich people being selfish and making stores closed down is somewhat true yet somehow against innovation. Not that I want that Gallerie to close down, but in the side of the rich, the Gallerie is just an old department store waiting to rust and die. It’s kind of disheartening but in economics, this is actually something that happens. Throw a mall in a middle of the city with lots of individual stores, all of those will shut down. The Gallerie is the same. Sometimes, truth is a bitch.

For the side of the poor, I wouldn’t concentrate on Claude and his situation, since they can still live. I’d like to concentrate on that little kid who stole the candle holder in the store. Again Claude’s reputation is going down the drain by generalizing that the poorer you are, the badder you are. Yune, being all kind as she is, let the boy in thus the candle holder being stolen. But was the kid bad? He just needed to eat, to survive. Is that something bad too? But reality sucks since what Claude said is what most people (me included) say today. Don’t let poor people in, especially the ones in rags, because more often than not they’ll steal something from you. Tsk tsks fuck you reality and society.

Though the reason why I sympathize with the boy they made him into shouta-moe. Poor kids aren’t shouta-moe. Well most of them aren’t.