SaiMadoka Final is today

Red Ranger VS. Yellow Ranger

Kyouko and Mami interacted for a good 15-20 seconds in Madoka Magica (When Mami killed her in some timeline). Kyouko has a total of 6 episodes as a main character, Mami with 3. Kyouko and Mami aren’t DFCs or Lolis; especially Mami who’s well-endowed. Also the first time a SHAFTanimu was successful in the tournament.


What the hell happened to Saimoe

For most Saimoe fans, I think its safe to say that Saimoe’s dead this year. Low vote totals were already a pinning mark, only Mami’s match with Ika bested the Homubiri match which was the FIRST match in the tournament. But low vote totals aren’t my problem anymore, its the PMMM domination.

I don’t have any qualms about Puella Magi Madoka Magica winning the tournament; in fact if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, I’m quite the rabid fanboy. But I think there’s something wrong already when all 4 of the main cast is in the Quarter Finals, 3 in Semi Finals and now 2 on the finals. Sure its okay for me to see Mami or Kyouko win the tournament, but goddammit Saimoe, I wanted variety.

Variety is like 2010 where there are 8 characters from 7 series. Sure Koromo and Nodoka won their QFs making a 2 for 4 in Semis, but there was still enough room for variety. Room for different characters to have their chances. This year we saw Kuroneko, who’s probably the best hope of the resistance, get beat down by Kyouko, who’s arguably the least strongest character. Ika tried her luck but also got Tiro Finale’d by Mami. Erica and Lotte are QF trolls and Erica got curbstomped by Kyouko losing all hope of an interesting finale.

The only thing Saimoe really has for me right now are interesting memes. I’d actually clap if the final managed to reach 1000 votes.

Biribiri fans = cheaters

There has been some rumors that some Chinese dude has been multi-voting on Mikoto Misaka since Round 1. This explains the relatively- way too high vote count of hers. The same Chinese dude claims to have helped Saten in the previous year-hence her reaching Quarter Finals.

Multi-voting causes a lot of ruckus in J-Saimoe. In fact Nagi of HnG only managed to reach the finals because of multi-voting through buying lots of phones; something that wasn’t banned until after her match with Koromo in which it was discovered.

This is kinda sad news for me. To find out that my TOP character to win it all has way too many eager fans who have been cheating around. It has caused many sacrifices such as Victorique and Homura, who also are my favorites too. I just don’t know anymore.

Looking at the match today is even more depressing with Kanade barely keeping up to a Strike Witch.

Saimoe 2011 Block Finals Preview

1st Match: Mikoto vs. Lotte

Lotte is a top tier character, beating out Mio in the prelims and Kurisu in Round 3. Now she faces the toughest opponent yet in the form of Mikoto Misaka, who has been obliterating rounds like it was nothing after her Prelim slump with Homura (who she beated with quite a margin in round 1. An assassination attempt might occur but expect a mighty win by Biribiri here.

2nd Match: Tenshi vs. Erica

Its pretty clear on what’s gonna happen here. Tenshi has beaten witches badly before, I don’t think she can be stopped now.

3rd Match: Madoka vs. Elsie

Elsie has performed rather spectacularly since her Prelim debut which she placed first. Unfortunately she meets her god in this day. . .

4th Match: Ika-Musume vs. Yuno

Yuno has put Hidamari Sketch in the books and she’s definitely done well, being the really old character that she is. A big invasion is to be expected in this round.

5th Match: Sayaka vs. Haqua

Haqua has a rather “god’s touch” in her, beating out Champion Azusa Nakano, and a favorite in the form of Ohana Matsumae. This round though she’s gonna face God’s faction and again I think her fate is very much sealed. . . or obliterated if you will.

6th Match: Mami vs. Hotogi

Hotogi has been blessed with vote tactics since her first round in the tournament, beating favorites like Cecilia of Infinite Stratos and A-Channel’s Yuuko who beated out Shana. But the vote tactics end today as Top-Seed Tomoe Yellow Ranger is here, who was probably involved in the vote tactics.

7th Match: Index vs. Kyouko

Index managed to defeat a champion candidate in the form of Kirino Kousaka. This day though she faces the Red Ranger who ranks higher than championship tier- God tier if you will. I see the match close though as Index would never lose without the fight; the thing she’s been doing since 2009.

8th Match: Kuroneko vs. Houki

Houki might’ve ousted Aria but I still don’t think its enough to beat one of the Resistance’s Leader, Kuroneko who has been spectacular since her Prelim debut. I don’t think there’s a challenge here.

Saimoe 2011 – War between the Puella Magis and the Resistance

A war has been settled between two competing factions. One is the overpowering Puella Magis, and the other is the Resistance which is composed of many aces from many series (lack of another dominant faction is key). Here’s the breakdown of these two factions.

Puella Magis:

Kaname Madoka: Super-spectacular Prelim win record, an average of 60%+ beatdown from Round 1 to 3

Akemi Homura: Spectacular vote totals on prelims, defeated by the Resistance via Mikoto Misaka.

Sayaka Miki: One of the highest vote totals in the tourney. Defeated Charlotte Dunois of IS, a stronghold member of the Resistance.

Tomoe Mami: Top Seed of the tourney. Vote totals plus Percentage would = Dominance. Recently got a win of 69-70% in Round 3 (Top 5 all time)

Kyouko Sakura: Performed a spectacular Round 2 beatdown with 68% (Top 10 all time).

Now for the resistance which consists of many aces of many different series. They have banded together for the goal of beating the Puella Magis, a feat only done by Sui Shijima and Mikoto Misaka.


Mikoto Misaka: 600+ vote totals in two of her rounds. Beated one of Puella Magis, Homura Akemi.

Kanade Tachibana: 500+ vote total on R!, owner of Block B since the beginning.

Elsie: High vote percentage total, the only character who even has a chance of beating Madoka.

Ika-Musume: Invading since Round 1. A 71% win in Round 3 says a lot.

Charlotte Dunois: Defeated by Miki Sayaka.

Kuroneko: Her matches causes a rise in vote totals. Has yet to be challenged seriously (Even in Round 1 by Sherlock).


Saimoe 2011 – Round 3 Day 3


1 420 Astarotte Ygvar (Lotte) @ Astarotte no Omocha!
2 410 Makise Kurisu @ Steins;Gate

1 474 Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi) @ Angel Beats!
2 361 Gertrud Barkhorn @ Strike Witches 2

Kurisu lost by 10, Suzuha and Mayuri by 2. Saimoe Gods were not so favorable to this faction.

Another banner character bites the dust. Also surprisingly, Lotte hasn’t been sniped yet, being the Kugimiya bait that she is. Well at least Block A is settled. Mikoto will undeniably win this Block. Same with Kanade in B as she will probably called the Witch hunter.

While the Block C match would be a textbook win by Madoka, Block D has an interesting tiff between Last Order and Yuno. Will Yuno reach her third Block Final appearance, or will Last Order able to order a win?